Thursday, September 30, 2010


Magic-maid is having a 1000 followers giveaway at her blog. You can win the entire CG Vintage Vixen set, and a whole bunch of other goodies! Click on the picture below to go to her giveaway!

Giveaway ends 25th Oct.

GlidedNails is also having a giveaway, she's giving away some very pretty polishes, the Nubar 2010 one looks particularly enticing! And a cracked polish! (I bought one not long ago from transdesign but it goes on like paint and dries awful. I would love to try the BYS ones) Click on the picture below to go to the giveaway.

Giveaway ends 31st Oct.

Sharana is also having a giveaway for Nfu Oh polishes:

Giveaway ends 29th Oct.

Bright Lights, Big Color is also having a giveaway:

Ends 8th October.

Steph at ImperfectlyPainted is also having a giveaway:

Ends 28th October.

On another note, I won my very first giveaway!!!!!!!!! I guess the more giveaways you enter, the higher the chances that you do win something. I won a gorgeous Nickki McClure 2011 Calendar from April at Concrete and Nail Polish! It has all these gorgeous indie designs, I'm not sure what's considered "indie", but when I see designs which kind of are all swirly around with a very unified theme I sort of think it's indie. Anyway it's really pretty, and I look forward to hanging it up when next year comes around. Thanks again April!

Fauxnad Plates

Konad plates have some of the more unique, creative designs, but they also cost a little bomb. Recently I saw Canadian Nail Fanatic talk about her fauxnad plates from HB Nails. The plates were gorgeous and they had some very special designs, and not so much of that flowery nonsense. I mean, I do like flowers and all that, but I can probably survive on just 5 very nice flower images. It's like once you've seen a couple, you've seen them all. The recent Konad plates seem to show that Konad's kind of getting over its flowery obsession.

Anyway, the HB Nails plate has some very nice plates, particularly Christmas ones and even an Easter one, so I was seriously thinking about getting these. But at the price of 56 Euros for 20 plates, it was just way too expensive to even contemplate. Anyway I did check shipping, they don't ship to Singapore. Which is a good thing, because I would have been seriously crazily tempted!

It's a good thing that I didn't purchase those though, because today, I found a link from Nails Beautiqued polish blog to a little slice of fauxnad heaven!

Ready? This is it- BF-Beauty!

THEY SELL THE EXACT SAME HB PLATES 21-40, but at USD$2 apiece!

Yes you heard me right, $2! And guess how much shipping is to Singapore? (And the USA, and Armenia- these were the countries which I used to test the shipping calculator)


Yes, you can get an entire fauxnad plate for just USD$2.20! Seriously! They have more designs than one konad plate, albeit much lesser full nail designs, but at $2.20? Really? It's freaking amazing!

I certainly intend to get some, particularly the Christmas ones since Christmas is coming up!!!!!! Yes I love Christmas!

They also sell a bunch of other fauxnads, some which contain Konad designs, but not the full nail ones. They do have some lovely sea turtles and seahorses ones, which I will get, because I have a hang-up over sea creatures because I dive (BTW, saw a giant turtle on my last diving holiday). There are lovely paw prints ones, and some with feet and hands, which I find a little weird unless you have a fetish over hand and feet digits. Do check it out, the company is located in HK, and while the website's layout is a little messed up (I have to scroll like mad to the left to see the items), at $2.20 a plate, I'm completely willing to scroll as much as I need!

EDIT: I joined the website as a "member", which is free, and they immediately give you 20 store credits which is USD$1 off! Plus everything on the site has a discount immediately for you. The plates are now $1.96 and not $2! I know it's only a couple of cents, but why spend it unnecessarily? 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kate and Oli's Giveaway

Kate and Oli is having a giveaway on their blog, the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous, I am so drawn to the manta ray one. Check out the jewellery and the giveaway here:

Hershley's Sweet Kiss Message's Giveaway

Giveaway ends 1 Oct

My first konad!

This is my first decent konad! As you can see in the pictures below, my nails are really very very short.

There are nail bloggers out there with nails at least twice as long as mine, but I don't like long nails. It's a habit. This mani was done about a month ago, so my nails are slightly longer now. This is the longest my nails have ever been in something like 15 years. Yes, 15 years! I'm a dinosaur *roar*. I grew up taking piano lessons, and I had to have short nails because my teacher couldn't stand the clicking sounds my fingernails would make with the keys, so she would trim them painfully short every time I had my weekly lesson. After a few months of this, I would trim my own nails so they wouldn't be painfully short, and it grew into a habit for the next decade or so.

In fact I still can't stand it, my nails are probably just 3mm from the nail bed but already I'm being driven nuts by the feeling of dirt trapped under my fingernails. I clean them all the time (like, on the bus, walking, in class, when I'm washing my hands, after I eat... you get the idea), but psychologically it's just really driving me up the wall! I might just chop them all off again and persuade myself that I rock short nails.

Anyway, for the colours for this mani, I used a light purple creme from a brand called Sylvie, again, no name for the colour, not even a number. I used the white konad polish and plate m20. This is the pretty dandelion flowers. No top coat, I was too afraid I'd smear the image. The base coat is Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat. Sorry for the mess, I never knew what cuticles were till two months ago, and I find it so darn difficult to do clean up with a cotton bud (Q-tip). Usually when I wash my hair after I polish, all the extra bits on my skin just come right off.

Here's another shot: By the way, these photos were all taken in indoor lighting under a bright white light at night (it rhymes!)

So, what do you think? Yay or neigh?

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! *Crickets chirping* Doubt anyone's out there reading this very first post, but I guess I still have to do an introduction.

I'm Cheryl, I live in Singapore, and I've just started to fall in love with polishes! Not so sure I'll stay in love with polishes, I might fall out of it soon and this blog will fall into a sorry state, but for now I'd like to share some of my thoughts and some of my polishes!

I decided to call this blog Legally Polished, it's a twist from the movie Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon a few years back. This is because I'm a law student right now, and while it drives me nuts sometimes, I do love its intricacies.

Have you heard of Konad? Well, google it. I started on my nail polish kick because I heard about konad, then I started seeking out lovely polishes to konad on. I don't think I'd have many manis to show right now, because while I've been changing my nail polish every few days since the beginning of August, I've only taken a picture of two of them- my first decent konad and my first water marble.

I'm a very girly kind of girl, so if you're really not into pink and girly designs, stay away! You might just be blinded with all the pink bling. But if you do like girly designs, you will probably enjoy them. I started this blog because no one quite understands the fanaticism over nail polish as other nail polish bloggers, people around me just think I'm crazy. I don't think many Asian cosmetic brands understand how much people can fall in love with nail polishes either, if they did, they would come up with more than just numbers and serial codes for their polishes. Polishes seem to be more of just an accompaniment to launching a cosmetic line for them, which is a shame, because sometimes I do find the most gorgeous polishes, but whether they are 3-free would be a completely different matter.

Anyway, I will post up pictures soon, otherwise a nail polish blog would be rather pointless. Stay tuned, and welcome!