Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My first konad!

This is my first decent konad! As you can see in the pictures below, my nails are really very very short.

There are nail bloggers out there with nails at least twice as long as mine, but I don't like long nails. It's a habit. This mani was done about a month ago, so my nails are slightly longer now. This is the longest my nails have ever been in something like 15 years. Yes, 15 years! I'm a dinosaur *roar*. I grew up taking piano lessons, and I had to have short nails because my teacher couldn't stand the clicking sounds my fingernails would make with the keys, so she would trim them painfully short every time I had my weekly lesson. After a few months of this, I would trim my own nails so they wouldn't be painfully short, and it grew into a habit for the next decade or so.

In fact I still can't stand it, my nails are probably just 3mm from the nail bed but already I'm being driven nuts by the feeling of dirt trapped under my fingernails. I clean them all the time (like, on the bus, walking, in class, when I'm washing my hands, after I eat... you get the idea), but psychologically it's just really driving me up the wall! I might just chop them all off again and persuade myself that I rock short nails.

Anyway, for the colours for this mani, I used a light purple creme from a brand called Sylvie, again, no name for the colour, not even a number. I used the white konad polish and plate m20. This is the pretty dandelion flowers. No top coat, I was too afraid I'd smear the image. The base coat is Sally Hansen Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat. Sorry for the mess, I never knew what cuticles were till two months ago, and I find it so darn difficult to do clean up with a cotton bud (Q-tip). Usually when I wash my hair after I polish, all the extra bits on my skin just come right off.

Here's another shot: By the way, these photos were all taken in indoor lighting under a bright white light at night (it rhymes!)

So, what do you think? Yay or neigh?


  1. I think this is a feminine and pretty mani. I'm looking forward to seeing more. :) Short nails are just as awesome as long nails as medium length nails. Its all in the owner/operator. lol

  2. I love that color!! It is super gorgeous on you :)

  3. Thanks! It was my first time actually trying purple polish, I've never quite ventured out of the usual pinks/reds, hopefully I'll slowly amass a rainbow collection of colours!