Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! *Crickets chirping* Doubt anyone's out there reading this very first post, but I guess I still have to do an introduction.

I'm Cheryl, I live in Singapore, and I've just started to fall in love with polishes! Not so sure I'll stay in love with polishes, I might fall out of it soon and this blog will fall into a sorry state, but for now I'd like to share some of my thoughts and some of my polishes!

I decided to call this blog Legally Polished, it's a twist from the movie Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon a few years back. This is because I'm a law student right now, and while it drives me nuts sometimes, I do love its intricacies.

Have you heard of Konad? Well, google it. I started on my nail polish kick because I heard about konad, then I started seeking out lovely polishes to konad on. I don't think I'd have many manis to show right now, because while I've been changing my nail polish every few days since the beginning of August, I've only taken a picture of two of them- my first decent konad and my first water marble.

I'm a very girly kind of girl, so if you're really not into pink and girly designs, stay away! You might just be blinded with all the pink bling. But if you do like girly designs, you will probably enjoy them. I started this blog because no one quite understands the fanaticism over nail polish as other nail polish bloggers, people around me just think I'm crazy. I don't think many Asian cosmetic brands understand how much people can fall in love with nail polishes either, if they did, they would come up with more than just numbers and serial codes for their polishes. Polishes seem to be more of just an accompaniment to launching a cosmetic line for them, which is a shame, because sometimes I do find the most gorgeous polishes, but whether they are 3-free would be a completely different matter.

Anyway, I will post up pictures soon, otherwise a nail polish blog would be rather pointless. Stay tuned, and welcome!

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