Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

This is the Halloween mani I did, I decided to just do it because I won't otherwise utilise the Halloween stamps on my fauxnad plates till next year, but I did put the Del Sol polishes on my toes. 

This is basically the same stamps I used in the last mani, just with a different colour theme this time. I decided to use the traditional orange and black because I bought an Elianto orange polish for this purpose a few weeks back.

The actual colour is a little more neon, quite bright, but it dries shiny. I think it's rather sheer though, because while I don't have free tips to my nails, I can see VNL. I don't think it's very obvious in the picture though.

To those who celebrate Halloween, why do you celebrate it? I'm not quite sure what are the cultural reasons for doing so, because I don't think people are attracted to witches and bats en masse.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Halloween Space Mani!

This blog post is named so because I got my first Orly this week- SPACE CADET!!!!!! 

I forgot to take an earlier picture of just the mani alone, but hopefully this makes up for it! After two days of Space Cadet, I decided to do a Halloween mani. 

Sorry about the upside down pictures, I did the konad upside down.

The images are from my new BF-Beauty plate, and from the BM plate. I must say the BF-Beauty plates are much much more difficult to stamp with because the lines are so thick, but the images are more unique. I had to use my fauxnad stamper to pick up the images because the fauxnad stamper doesn't pick up the entire picture, so the image would be a little slimmer. The BM plates are fine though, they're easy to work with compared to the BF-Beauty one.

Annnnd.... a tiny haul! Del Sol Pretty in Pink, Heartbreaker, Elianto Salsa Pink, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails! Salsa Pink looks a bit like CG Strawberry Fields, but since I don't have it I can't tell, but I'll do it as a full mani soon!

Singaporean girls, rejoice! Jamie- I think you're the only Singaporean girl on my blog, so I'm pretty much talking to you here- I FOUND DEL SOLS IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHH! Found them in Sasa, I almost screamed when I saw them. The sales girl told me they're a permanent display (whew, I thought I would have to buy up every polish on the display right there and then), and now I feel like all my efforts organizing swaps with girls in North America are so wasted, but it's alright. It's still nice making friends from across the world.

Anyway I bought these two colours- Pretty in Pink and Heartbreaker. The stickers on top show the colour which they'll change into in sunlight.

I can't wait to try them! I will post up swatches when I do!

I'm so excited, I took off my Halloween mani. Since tomorrow's actually Halloween, I was thinking of doing another Halloween mani with orange and black since I'll never ever wear orange for the rest of the year, but I really want to try the Del Sols, so which one do you think I should do??????

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Circle Circle

Dot Dot, I got my cootie shot!

I once heard that song and it got stuck in my head for ages. The worst part was that it was just this phrase. 

I got into a really bad traffic accident yesterday, it's really a miracle no one got hurt. I'm really really thankful, I honestly don't know how the other driver got out of it alive, it was major damage. Also caused a major traffic jam on the expressway, though neither vehicle was even on the road, we hit the road shoulder and all the cars decided to slow down to take a look. I'm still quite traumatized, it keeps replaying in my head and I'm really freaked out by it. I can't seem to concentrate on my work, so decided to blog. 

This manicure was done with CG White on White, and a shimmery white layer from Elianto on top. It was too sheer to be worn alone, so I decided to layer it. I'm wondering if it looks a bit like Frosty from the new CG Christmas collection. 

I stamped on top using CG Millenium with one of the BM plates, it's quite pretty, like a lovely reflecting pool with ripples.

Yup I botched the left index finger in the photo above, I did the mani before I slept, I guess the layers were too thick so they didn't dry properly.

Took it off in two days before it was so thick, if you see the photo above, my index finger is uneven, somehow my nail has horizontal ridges instead of the usual vertical, any polish I put on looks awfully thick there.

I still like it, it's quite pretty though. It's just a shame I can't find a good white that can cover well. Even CG's White on White needed two horribly thick coats to be fully opaque.

Any one have good recommendations?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something gold and shiny!

This is a lovely foil polish from China Glaze. China Glaze Hi Tek! 

It's lovely and gold, a bit on the warm gold side, somewhat copper-ish, sometimes it even looks like rose gold in certain lighting. 

What you see is one coat, which is pretty obvious because clearly there are certain spots which didn't get covered properly. 

But I love it because it's a quick manicure, clean-up was a breeze, being merely one coat! I don't think it goes very well with my skin tone though. 

Great for stamping!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Ghastly Halloween Marble

It's ghastly! And I mean it!

The colours looked good in the bottles, but not good in the water. Furthermore the orange just didn't want to spread. Sigh. Anyway here are pictures.

I used Color Club Mrs Robinson, an Elianto Orange, and a Sasatinnie Black. It was done on top of CG White on White.

Using an old lip gloss with a brush to apply some gloss around my fingernails really really helped clean-up! It was so much easier and my fingers didn't feel awfully dry.

It was such an awful marble that I basically took it off after I took the picture, it was such an eye-sore. =( What a waste of polish. I actually coated it with 3 coats of Ghoulish Glow and a top coat so that it could glow at night, but it was really too terrible. I'm so disappointed now that I don't even want to wear any kind of polish. Sigh.

Have you tried any water marbles and failed miserably?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first holographic polish!

Edit: Finally got my camera back, so additional photos uploaded!

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry for going AWOL for so long. It's been ages since I posted and I haven't had the time because I've had some awful awful school work to do, papers to write, and while one has been submitted there is another one tomorrow that is maybe 1/4 complete. I have to stay off the internet, all the polish news going around is SO distracting! 

Anyway this is my first holographic polish- China Glaze TTYL! Enjoy the wonderful holographic awesomeness!

The two shots below are in artificial white light.

These two shots below are in sunlight.

CG TTYL is a lovely pale pink that can almost pass off as neutral if you don't look that close to it. I think it's really work appropriate because it's just so pale, but yet wonderfully entertaining since it is an incredible holographic polish!

The formula was quite nice at first, it can be a ONE-COATER if you put it on properly! The picture of my right hand are two coats, but the picture of my left hand is merely one coat. I'm definitely not ambidexterous so I had to put two coats on my right hand to make up for the awful application.

It's strange though, because as I went along, the polish started to get gloopy and a bit hard to work with. I added in some polish thinner and all was well subsequently. I'm wearing this as a pedicure too, and it is truly one of my favourite polishes now! It goes so well with all my shoes yet if I look at it carefully and wiggle my toes, the holo really comes out, it's really incredible.

After two days I decided to spice it up with a little konad: This is the lace pattern from m57, stamped with CG Millenium. I'm seriously in love with Millenium and the other polishes in the range, they are fantastic for stamping! Though they do dry rather quick.

My thumb nail in the picture below has a top coat, while the ring finger doesn't. I wanted to compare the difference in holo-ness with top coat and without. Many bloggers have been saying that a top coat dulls the holo-ness. Fact or fiction????? It's not obvious in the picture here, but, FACT! 

The holo-ness is more scattered with a top coat, but certainly still there. You see the rainbow, but the colours in the rainbow holo aren't as differentiated as without a top coat. But without a top coat, this polish got tip wear in two days, so perhaps to preserve the longevity of a holo mani, it would be recommended to wear a top coat. The scattered holo-ness is really not a substantial difference, and would certainly save the trouble of having to do another coat later on.

As you can see, my top coat has horrible bubbling. I'm using INM Out The Door, any tips? I am also now on the search for holographic polishes! Anyone has good recommendations?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bright and searing!

After my CG Poolside Haul, I tried to do the neon water marble. And failed utterly and miserably. It's just tragic. The polishes would drip onto the water surface but refused to spread. In the end out of sheer desperation, after having already carefully painted all ten nails with lovely white polish (CG White on White), I just put my finger in on top of the polish-that-wouldn't-spread. Obviously nothing good happened, just a huge thick layer of lumpy polish. Sigh. 

Anyway I tried out all the different colours on my nails, thinking I'd do a skittles manicure, but it looked pretty bad with so many neon colours that I took them all off. 

So here's CG Flip Flop Fantasy on top of CG White on White. What you see is two layers of each. 

It's electrifying! Burn-your-eyes kind of bright!

Anyway after a day, it got a little too bright and seared my eyes so I did a little simple nail art on my thumbs.

This is a black polish with silver glitter from Canmake (a Japanese brand). I got this polish for free a while ago, I'm glad I didn't spend the money because it comes in a tiny bottle, and Canmake retails in Watsons for something like $8.90. Their polishes don't even look very enticing, and a lot of the polishes in Watsons already sort of separate so you can see a layer of polish and a layer of oil on top. If I'm going to pay $8.90, I want something in decent condition please. 

Anyway the silver stripes are done with Color Club's Art Deco in Silver Glitter. I didn't like the nail art very much, but it kind of reminded me of the policeman in the Jetsons. It's a really old cartoon about a space-age family. I don't know why but this colour combination reminded me of the policeman's helmet. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

My first huge haul!

This is the first time I've ever bought so many polishes on a spree! I got the entire CG Poolside Collection here. 

The reason why I got it was because I wanted to do this water marble with it.

 Don't the colours look so pretty?

 I also got CG Millenium, White on White (to do my rainbow water marble on!), TTYL and an Art Club silver glitter striper.

I know it's not a huge haul by most people's standards, but it is for me, especially on a spree, I seldom spend so much at one go! The CG Poolside collection is far brighter than I've ever seen on lots of blogs, it's almost blinding! I'm really excited to try my water marble, so do stay tuned!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Franken Mani!

I haven't posted pictures of a manicure for a while, so I thought I'd try my franken and show it to you guys. 

Here it is!

I think some of the glitter stained the clear nail polish red, so the base ended up being something like a red jelly with multi-coloured glitter.

I put on something like 4 coats.

Trying hard to love this because it's my first franken, but honestly?

It looks awful. =(

Maybe it'll look better layered over a dark base colour.

Are these dotting tools?

This seems like a very silly question to ask, but are these dotting tools?

And this is the funny brand label on them that I cannot read:

I don't know if they're dotting tools or not, because I bought them as engraving tools. They are used in paper tole. I do a form of craft called paper tole, I'm not sure if you've heard about it before, but it's more common in Australia or Canada because a lot of resources come from there.

Anyway here are a few pictures of a completed paper tole, if you're interested to know more and how I do it, just leave a comment and I'll put up a detailed post. I was looking at my engraving tools and wondering if they were dotting tools because they do look very similar.

Briefly, paper tole is a form of decoupage that is 3D. I take parts of a picture and carve it out with a special pen knife, then I engrave it so certain parts stand out, then I use a special glue to layer the pieces on top of one another so it looks 3D.

Here's a frontal view of it. I'm not sure you can see that it's 3D. Anyway the flowers in the picture above are the flowers on the upper right of the picture.

I do have a question though, for those who use dotting tools, is it hard to clean the polish out of the area between the ball and the stick part? I'm afraid to use my engraving tools because they're very expensive to replace and I don't want polish to ruin it.

Another (silly) question: why do people on ebay sell dotting tools in sets of 5? I find it odd because it seems like the balls on the end of the stick don't differ very much in size. Are all 5 double-ended sticks needed?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish in Calm/Wild

I am slowly trying out all the Mood Polishes, so here's Calm/Wild! It's a glittery purple/pink. As you can see, it's purple in the bottle. I thought it'd be very glittery based on pictures I've seen, but it's not really. It turned out to be a bit more of a metallic foil-y shimmery kind of finish. 

This is when I just painted the polish on and it's still purple. 

Then it slowly warms up to my body heat, changing to pink! You can see the transition here, isn't it such a pretty colour? 

Then it stays pink for pretty much all the time unless I put my finger on an ice cube. It's pretty warm here in Singapore so no matter what I do, no matter where I am, it pretty much stays warm.

I got a little bored with it so I decided to try out my new konad m57 plate and konaded a zebra print on top with CG Designer Satin. It's not very opaque so it turned out a little sheer, but it's very lovely and subtle. Here are pictures of both hands below! I love the girly zebra print!

I finally bought myself a cheap brush so I could do proper clean-up after painting. I am really really happy about it, clean-up is SO much easier and SO much neater. This isn't really that neat, but it's the best I can do with a glittery polish and a remover that's not pure acetone.

How much does pure acetone usually cost where you live? Singaporean girls, where can you get pure acetone cheap? I checked with a nail salon nearby and it's 1 litre for SGD23, which is rather expensive considering Sally Hansen's remover is 400 ml for about 5 dollars. I definitely need pure acetone, I'm starting to acquire a love for glitters!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comparison between fauxnads and konads!

Hi everyone! After the huge long post from the last time, I decided to post up comparison pictures of the fauxnad plates I got versus some other fauxnad plates (BM) and konads!

I tried out one of the images from the new plates I got from BF Beauty, I am very happy to announce that it is much thicker than the slice-my-own-hand-open-BM plates. I don't think they're as safe as the konad ones which have a paper backing, but they are most certainly thicker and they don't make you risk bleeding all over. Happened to me, I got cut by a BM plate while cleaning it. Not fun.

Anyway, the dolphin on the left is from the BF-Beauty plate, while the dolphin with bubbles on the right is from Konad m28. Clearly the fauxnad is thicker, but I do actually prefer the dolphin image because it looks a bit more like a dolphin. The konad one resembles a seal more than a dolphin. 

The witch on the broom on the left is from BM, while the witch on the right is from the BF-Beauty fauxnad. The BM one is clearly sharper in its image and much larger. The BF-Beauty one just looks a little muddy. I prefer the BM witch in this case. 

The web on the left is from BM 13, while the web on the right, with a spider, is from the BF-Beauty plate. It's definitely not a design meant to cover the full nail or at least across the nail, unlike the BM one, but it does have an adorable spider on it. Again, the lines on the BF-Beauty fauxnad are clearly much thicker. 

The seashell above is from the BM plate, while the seashell below is from the BF-Beauty plate. Again, the outline isn't very clear for the BF-Beauty one, but I definitely prefer the seashell from the BF-Beauty plate. 

This is a comparison between two seahorses. The seahorse above is from Konad m28, while the seahorse below is from BF-Beauty. This one is certainly much blurrier, and the seahorse seems to be very spiky, strangely. 

I'm sorry I havent posted pictures of manis recently, I've been wearing the same design for quite a while already. I'll post it up soon. 

Anyway, in the mean time, let me show you two fauxnad plates I got. They are EXACT dupes of konad plates, down to the numbering of the plates. I got them here. The shipping is cheap, only $1.50. I bought a fauxnad set because I wanted a stamp to try doing the mirror-image thing for stamping, but please don't waste your money and buy a fauxnad stamper, the quality is really different and very substantive. The fauxnad one doesn't pick up the image properly, and doesn't even transfer the stamp properly. It's awful. On the plus side, I got two konad dupes, even though I don't really like them very much. 

If you do want the Hello Kitty plate, this website sells them, the BF-Beauty website ALSO sells them, so do check it out. I'm not a Hello Kitty fan, I always thought it was ridiculous because it had no mouth, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Why or why not?