Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bright and searing!

After my CG Poolside Haul, I tried to do the neon water marble. And failed utterly and miserably. It's just tragic. The polishes would drip onto the water surface but refused to spread. In the end out of sheer desperation, after having already carefully painted all ten nails with lovely white polish (CG White on White), I just put my finger in on top of the polish-that-wouldn't-spread. Obviously nothing good happened, just a huge thick layer of lumpy polish. Sigh. 

Anyway I tried out all the different colours on my nails, thinking I'd do a skittles manicure, but it looked pretty bad with so many neon colours that I took them all off. 

So here's CG Flip Flop Fantasy on top of CG White on White. What you see is two layers of each. 

It's electrifying! Burn-your-eyes kind of bright!

Anyway after a day, it got a little too bright and seared my eyes so I did a little simple nail art on my thumbs.

This is a black polish with silver glitter from Canmake (a Japanese brand). I got this polish for free a while ago, I'm glad I didn't spend the money because it comes in a tiny bottle, and Canmake retails in Watsons for something like $8.90. Their polishes don't even look very enticing, and a lot of the polishes in Watsons already sort of separate so you can see a layer of polish and a layer of oil on top. If I'm going to pay $8.90, I want something in decent condition please. 

Anyway the silver stripes are done with Color Club's Art Deco in Silver Glitter. I didn't like the nail art very much, but it kind of reminded me of the policeman in the Jetsons. It's a really old cartoon about a space-age family. I don't know why but this colour combination reminded me of the policeman's helmet. 


  1. If You use filtered water it really helps. Also, the poolside collection is quick drying so you have to go really fast!

  2. Water marbling can be very annoying. If you use cheapie polishes that don't dry fast, they work a lot better than more expensive fast drying ones. I really want the CG Poolside Collection; all of the colors are so pretty. I loved the Jetsons when I was a kid :0)

  3. @ True Story Darling: I did use filtered water, I guess it dried really fast. It's just so frustrating... perhaps I'll give it another shot soon!

    @ Leslie: Does the policeman's helmet actually look like what I did or did I dream it up? Haha perhaps it is a figment of my imagination.