Thursday, October 28, 2010

Circle Circle

Dot Dot, I got my cootie shot!

I once heard that song and it got stuck in my head for ages. The worst part was that it was just this phrase. 

I got into a really bad traffic accident yesterday, it's really a miracle no one got hurt. I'm really really thankful, I honestly don't know how the other driver got out of it alive, it was major damage. Also caused a major traffic jam on the expressway, though neither vehicle was even on the road, we hit the road shoulder and all the cars decided to slow down to take a look. I'm still quite traumatized, it keeps replaying in my head and I'm really freaked out by it. I can't seem to concentrate on my work, so decided to blog. 

This manicure was done with CG White on White, and a shimmery white layer from Elianto on top. It was too sheer to be worn alone, so I decided to layer it. I'm wondering if it looks a bit like Frosty from the new CG Christmas collection. 

I stamped on top using CG Millenium with one of the BM plates, it's quite pretty, like a lovely reflecting pool with ripples.

Yup I botched the left index finger in the photo above, I did the mani before I slept, I guess the layers were too thick so they didn't dry properly.

Took it off in two days before it was so thick, if you see the photo above, my index finger is uneven, somehow my nail has horizontal ridges instead of the usual vertical, any polish I put on looks awfully thick there.

I still like it, it's quite pretty though. It's just a shame I can't find a good white that can cover well. Even CG's White on White needed two horribly thick coats to be fully opaque.

Any one have good recommendations?


  1. Im glad everyone was okay. That would be really scary!

  2. I'm glad you came through the accident okay. God was looking out for you.

    I recommend Sinful Colors Snow Me White if you're looking for a good white base. It takes about 2 coats to be opaque, but it applies nicely and looks lovely with nail art & a good shiny topcoat. It only costs 2 dollars, or one dollar if you can find it on sale at Walgreens :)

  3. Thanks girls!

    Leslie, thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately there's no Sinful Colors in Singapore. My search for a good white still continues, I should visit many different nail polish shops to look for one! ; )

  4. *hugs* oh man. i wld hv been too traumatized!
    babe, theres a zoya polish clearance i got to know... email me at and i'll u knw more! ;)