Monday, October 4, 2010

Claire's Mood Changing Polish in Excited/Bored

Two posts ago I posted about receiving an incredible swap package. In this post I'm wearing Excited/Bored. It's a bright coral when cold, and a lovely salmon pink when warm. Here are pictures!

This is the bottle, with my manicured thumb holding it. As you can see, the label shows quite an obvious colour change. 

The next two pictures are of the the colour when it's cold. I think when you first paint it on, the polish takes a while to adjust to your body temperature to become warm. But this is how it looks initially- a bright, almost neon coral! Sorry for the mess, I didn't clean it up because I was going to konad and it would be fairly pointless to clean up twice. 

I forgot to take a picture without the konad first, but this is the colour that the polish changes to. It's a very lovely salmon pink, very peach and which I liked even more and more as I wore it. I thought it looked a little blah, so I added the fishnet design on top of it. This konad design is from the popular m57.

I love this manicure, it's really really pretty, and even the BF commented that this was his favourite so far! More so than even the pink swirly one which I loved so much myself.

I put a warm thumb on the bottle for a while, if you look carefully at the picture you can see a round lighter coloured splotch inside the bottle, the colour difference isn't very obvious here, more on my nails, but this is just to show you the slight colour difference at the moment. 

The formula was very uncomfortable to work with. It was rather thick and gloopy, and very hard to make even, which was why I konaded on it, I didn't feel good looking at the streakiness. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so instead of wasting the polish on redoing it, I figured I'd konad just to cover it up- also why I chose a full nail design instead of a regular flower or something. 

I've heard many complaints about Claire's Mood Polish, and how easily it chips. I was quite wary of this, but I was completely surprised when my polish didn't even chip at all! I wore this for 5 days I think, and there wasn't a single chip at all! It could be my wonderful base coat which held it to my nail, or perhaps the numerous layers of top coat. After painting two coats of the polish, I added two layers of INM Out the Door top coat, then the konad design, and two more layers of top coat. Amazing isn't it? Perhaps it was just the 4 layers of top coat that really made it stick. I added another design on top of this current konad, I'll show it in the next post. 

In conclusion, with my incredibly short nails, the colour stays the same most of the time and doesn't change much. I was drinking a lot of cold drinks when I was wearing this manicure, solely just so I could press my nails against the side of the cup to admire the colour change. It also changed when I put my fingers in front of the air-conditioning in the car. Other than that though, I really didn't see much colour change, the environment makes it pretty impossible to have freezing hands, even in air-conditioned rooms. While this polish certainly has a wonderful novelty factor, I didn't get to experience it much, and the formula wasn't the easiest to work with. However, if you can get access to it, it is worth a try! =)

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