Saturday, October 16, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish in Calm/Wild

I am slowly trying out all the Mood Polishes, so here's Calm/Wild! It's a glittery purple/pink. As you can see, it's purple in the bottle. I thought it'd be very glittery based on pictures I've seen, but it's not really. It turned out to be a bit more of a metallic foil-y shimmery kind of finish. 

This is when I just painted the polish on and it's still purple. 

Then it slowly warms up to my body heat, changing to pink! You can see the transition here, isn't it such a pretty colour? 

Then it stays pink for pretty much all the time unless I put my finger on an ice cube. It's pretty warm here in Singapore so no matter what I do, no matter where I am, it pretty much stays warm.

I got a little bored with it so I decided to try out my new konad m57 plate and konaded a zebra print on top with CG Designer Satin. It's not very opaque so it turned out a little sheer, but it's very lovely and subtle. Here are pictures of both hands below! I love the girly zebra print!

I finally bought myself a cheap brush so I could do proper clean-up after painting. I am really really happy about it, clean-up is SO much easier and SO much neater. This isn't really that neat, but it's the best I can do with a glittery polish and a remover that's not pure acetone.

How much does pure acetone usually cost where you live? Singaporean girls, where can you get pure acetone cheap? I checked with a nail salon nearby and it's 1 litre for SGD23, which is rather expensive considering Sally Hansen's remover is 400 ml for about 5 dollars. I definitely need pure acetone, I'm starting to acquire a love for glitters!


  1. Pretty color and stamping! I love Konad.

  2. im not using pure acetone :/ i guess u cld use scotch tape to minimize errors :) cheaper and less harmful than pure acetone? :/ theres some nail supply shops in bugis st, lvl 2... :)

  3. Thanks Leslie!

    Thanks Jamie, I'll go check it out when I have time. I went a few weeks back and saw a nail store there selling OPIs, but they were $16 a bottle, which immediately turned me off. They did have the latest Swiss collection though. We need to hunt for brick and mortar stores that sell OPIs at reasonable prices!

  4. was thinking of gg on a nail supplies shopping hunt one day! care to join? ;) email me ok? :)

  5. Oh definitely! That sounds fun!!! Not too soon though =( School's crazy on me, so I'll only be free in December.

  6. no worries, i'll be good for end end dec thou :( exams boo!