Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comparison between fauxnads and konads!

Hi everyone! After the huge long post from the last time, I decided to post up comparison pictures of the fauxnad plates I got versus some other fauxnad plates (BM) and konads!

I tried out one of the images from the new plates I got from BF Beauty, I am very happy to announce that it is much thicker than the slice-my-own-hand-open-BM plates. I don't think they're as safe as the konad ones which have a paper backing, but they are most certainly thicker and they don't make you risk bleeding all over. Happened to me, I got cut by a BM plate while cleaning it. Not fun.

Anyway, the dolphin on the left is from the BF-Beauty plate, while the dolphin with bubbles on the right is from Konad m28. Clearly the fauxnad is thicker, but I do actually prefer the dolphin image because it looks a bit more like a dolphin. The konad one resembles a seal more than a dolphin. 

The witch on the broom on the left is from BM, while the witch on the right is from the BF-Beauty fauxnad. The BM one is clearly sharper in its image and much larger. The BF-Beauty one just looks a little muddy. I prefer the BM witch in this case. 

The web on the left is from BM 13, while the web on the right, with a spider, is from the BF-Beauty plate. It's definitely not a design meant to cover the full nail or at least across the nail, unlike the BM one, but it does have an adorable spider on it. Again, the lines on the BF-Beauty fauxnad are clearly much thicker. 

The seashell above is from the BM plate, while the seashell below is from the BF-Beauty plate. Again, the outline isn't very clear for the BF-Beauty one, but I definitely prefer the seashell from the BF-Beauty plate. 

This is a comparison between two seahorses. The seahorse above is from Konad m28, while the seahorse below is from BF-Beauty. This one is certainly much blurrier, and the seahorse seems to be very spiky, strangely. 

I'm sorry I havent posted pictures of manis recently, I've been wearing the same design for quite a while already. I'll post it up soon. 

Anyway, in the mean time, let me show you two fauxnad plates I got. They are EXACT dupes of konad plates, down to the numbering of the plates. I got them here. The shipping is cheap, only $1.50. I bought a fauxnad set because I wanted a stamp to try doing the mirror-image thing for stamping, but please don't waste your money and buy a fauxnad stamper, the quality is really different and very substantive. The fauxnad one doesn't pick up the image properly, and doesn't even transfer the stamp properly. It's awful. On the plus side, I got two konad dupes, even though I don't really like them very much. 

If you do want the Hello Kitty plate, this website sells them, the BF-Beauty website ALSO sells them, so do check it out. I'm not a Hello Kitty fan, I always thought it was ridiculous because it had no mouth, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Why or why not?


  1. I love Konad, but haven't tried BM.
    I collect Hello Kitty things ... I own tons of Hello Kitty stuff. The reason that I like her is because I have since I was a little girl.. always thought HK is adorable :)

  2. You can always get the Hello Kitty plate from Bf Beauty. It's only $2 plus a few cents for shipping, so it's worth it. The stamp looks quite cute on some of the fauxnads I've seen online.

  3. Great comparison! I don't really like Hello Kitty, but I think it's so cute on someone's nails!