Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A fauxnad on top!

After I got a little bored with my last mani, I decided to jazz it up even more with a fauxnad!

I added the feather design from one of the BM plates. I used CG Hi-Tek to stamp on it, it can't really be seen in the picture here but the colour isn't really a straight up gold, it's a bit of a coppery and rose gold, so it went perfectly with the peachy Excited/Bored colour I was wearing already.

Tried doing the double stamp technique to make the stamp reflect in different directions, but had so many problems because Hi-Tek dries really really fast! It was hard enough to stamp it directly, let alone transfer it to another stamp THEN stamp again. Does anyone have tips on konadding with super dry-fast polishes like the CG Khrome collection?

I participated in a 8ty8beauty spree recently and ordered CG Millenium so I could use it for stamping, but with Hi-Tek drying so fast and making it rather difficult to stamp, it seems like I'll probably have the same problems with Millenium too. Yet I've seen so many bloggers out there using the Khrome collection, please someone help me?

Anyway I love the feather design, I intend to stamp a silver or white feather on a black base some time soon. Can anyone guess which sports team's logo that is?

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