Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Ghastly Halloween Marble

It's ghastly! And I mean it!

The colours looked good in the bottles, but not good in the water. Furthermore the orange just didn't want to spread. Sigh. Anyway here are pictures.

I used Color Club Mrs Robinson, an Elianto Orange, and a Sasatinnie Black. It was done on top of CG White on White.

Using an old lip gloss with a brush to apply some gloss around my fingernails really really helped clean-up! It was so much easier and my fingers didn't feel awfully dry.

It was such an awful marble that I basically took it off after I took the picture, it was such an eye-sore. =( What a waste of polish. I actually coated it with 3 coats of Ghoulish Glow and a top coat so that it could glow at night, but it was really too terrible. I'm so disappointed now that I don't even want to wear any kind of polish. Sigh.

Have you tried any water marbles and failed miserably?


  1. Water marbling is hard, and I have failed very badly at it before, lol.
    I think yours looks good though :)

  2. Thanks Leslie! The water marble was not that bad except my pinky, but the colours look horrible! =( Maybe it'll be better next time!