Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Halloween Space Mani!

This blog post is named so because I got my first Orly this week- SPACE CADET!!!!!! 

I forgot to take an earlier picture of just the mani alone, but hopefully this makes up for it! After two days of Space Cadet, I decided to do a Halloween mani. 

Sorry about the upside down pictures, I did the konad upside down.

The images are from my new BF-Beauty plate, and from the BM plate. I must say the BF-Beauty plates are much much more difficult to stamp with because the lines are so thick, but the images are more unique. I had to use my fauxnad stamper to pick up the images because the fauxnad stamper doesn't pick up the entire picture, so the image would be a little slimmer. The BM plates are fine though, they're easy to work with compared to the BF-Beauty one.

Annnnd.... a tiny haul! Del Sol Pretty in Pink, Heartbreaker, Elianto Salsa Pink, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails! Salsa Pink looks a bit like CG Strawberry Fields, but since I don't have it I can't tell, but I'll do it as a full mani soon!

Singaporean girls, rejoice! Jamie- I think you're the only Singaporean girl on my blog, so I'm pretty much talking to you here- I FOUND DEL SOLS IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHH! Found them in Sasa, I almost screamed when I saw them. The sales girl told me they're a permanent display (whew, I thought I would have to buy up every polish on the display right there and then), and now I feel like all my efforts organizing swaps with girls in North America are so wasted, but it's alright. It's still nice making friends from across the world.

Anyway I bought these two colours- Pretty in Pink and Heartbreaker. The stickers on top show the colour which they'll change into in sunlight.

I can't wait to try them! I will post up swatches when I do!

I'm so excited, I took off my Halloween mani. Since tomorrow's actually Halloween, I was thinking of doing another Halloween mani with orange and black since I'll never ever wear orange for the rest of the year, but I really want to try the Del Sols, so which one do you think I should do??????


  1. Does that mean you won't want any for our swap?

  2. hi!!! can i know where u usually get your nail polishes from? I'm from Singapore and i have difficulty finding nail polishes from OPI, CG, Orly,Essie and Zoya at reasonable prices:( help me pls!!


  3. Hi Aishah, I buy my polishes from sprees on lj from 8ty8beauty or transdesign. Otherwise you can try some etailers, but the prices are more expensive than getting them from sprees:
    Alternatively, if you want to get a lot, it's probably cheaper to buy them yourself from 8ty8beauty or transdesign.

  4. I only discovered del solstice this year. Are they still available at sasa?

    1. Hi Weixuan, no, Sasa stopped selling them months ago. You can find it here though: