Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

This is the Halloween mani I did, I decided to just do it because I won't otherwise utilise the Halloween stamps on my fauxnad plates till next year, but I did put the Del Sol polishes on my toes. 

This is basically the same stamps I used in the last mani, just with a different colour theme this time. I decided to use the traditional orange and black because I bought an Elianto orange polish for this purpose a few weeks back.

The actual colour is a little more neon, quite bright, but it dries shiny. I think it's rather sheer though, because while I don't have free tips to my nails, I can see VNL. I don't think it's very obvious in the picture though.

To those who celebrate Halloween, why do you celebrate it? I'm not quite sure what are the cultural reasons for doing so, because I don't think people are attracted to witches and bats en masse.