Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Haul!

Remember a few posts ago when I talked about BF-Beauty, a HK company that sells fauxnad plates for USD2 a piece and for a few cents shipping?

I bought some plates for them and they arrived yesterday!!!!! I only ordered 5 because I just wanted to try out a few first, rather than spending a lot of money at one shot on what may be low quality or a company out to cheat me. Anyway, they ship really really fast! I ordered the plates last Monday or Tuesday night, and the very next morning they had already marked my plates as "shipped". 

Previously, I also emailed them asking whether they had the HB plates 1-20, and though they didn't answer my question, they did answer it fast, so I am impressed by that. I'm not impressed by their English though. I don't even think they tried Google Translate to help. I guess next time I'll email them in Chinese, though I'm not sure they'll understand me, because HK-ers use a more complicated words than Singaporeans. For example, the same Chinese word can be written in two forms- a more simple one or a more complicated one. Most Mainland Chinese people and Singaporeans use the simple form, while HKers use the more complicated one. HKers also speak Cantonese, and not Chinese, but it's still based on the written Chinese language words. Okay enough of the language lesson, on to pictures!

First I do have to apologize for the camera reflection in the plate. The plates were super duper shiny and I tried a different ways to take it before realizing that seeing just the camera's reflection was better than seeing my face/ceiling/random bits of cloth and still with the camera in the reflection. Here goes!

Here's an up close shot of HB 21's center image. This isn't a design I particularly like. I only like the leaves around the plate. I realize it's very hard to get close images to see what the heck is going on in the middle of the HB21 plate because it just looks like a mess, so I decided to include a close up picture. Sorry that it's so blurry, I took like a million shots but the camera just wouldn't focus that close to a plate.

I am seriously in love with all the designs, I wanted to get a bunch of Christmas fauxnads, but decided to wait till closer to Christmas because one, I'm broke, two, shipping's cheap so I don't have to try and consolidate my items to get cheaper shipping. Here are some up close shots of the plates I really really like:

I got this fauxnad because I wanted to add a little horn to the top of the horse's head to get a lovely unicorn fauxnad. I know there's a unicorn konad on m27 of the original konad plates, but it honestly looks awfully weird and I never knew it was a unicorn till I saw someone call it a unicorn on her blog. It looks more like a plastic surgery enhanced My Little Pony on drugs. 

I got this plate for the underwater elements- I love the fishes and the crab! How rare it is to find a crab fauxnad. I didn't actually realize the fishes in the middle were fishes till I got the plates, the website really isn't that clear, I thought they were just curly-wurly random designs (like the one on the bottom right hand of this picture next to "M94"), so when I found out they were fish, it was totally a bonus! The fauxnad at the very bottom of the plate (in the bottom left hand corner of the picture) is an upside down goldfish. I think it's copied from the M28 Konad plate, I will do a comparison soon.

This is from the same plate as above. How adorable is the bear????

I love the shell on this, it's really a beautiful seashell, and it actually REALLY REALLY looks like the Shell company's logo!

Look here's some of the company's logos:
Don't you see a distinct similarity? It's a shame I'm not a Shell employee, but I guess I would always wear this fauxnad and walk into a Shell petrol station to pump petrol. Besides, I can think of many other ways to use this beautiful seashell fauxnad than to do free advertising for the company. Big evil evil corporations!

This is from the same plate, it has another lovely sea shell fauxnad, I think this is called a spiral seashell, isn't it pretty? There's a spiky seahorse, I think I prefer the original Konad seahorse though. 

The rest of the plate contain Halloween images, which is very convenient since Halloween is coming up and I'm not going to pass up the chance to use my Halloween fauxnads from this haul and from the BM plates though we don't celebrate Halloween here. There's an evil jack-o-lantern on the plate too, it's on the top right hand of the picture. 

I love this fauxnad m27 plate because of the planet and the crescent moon! There were a lot of other plates on the website with crescent moons, but I chose this plate because it also had a planet on it! Isn't it adorable? I can now do an outer space themed manicure!

The two pictures above are part of the m27 fauxnad plate, I think it's a lovely bonus to have them because dragons are so appropriate for Chinese New Year! I'm definitely not a superstitious Chinese who believes in dragons and that nonsense, but a dragon is nonetheless still considered auspicious and I think my more traditional relatives will appreciate it. The face of the dragon fauxnad is really quite nice, reminds me of dragon dances. I haven't seen one for years! Perhaps I'll go look for one this coming CNY. I don't like the loud cymbals during the dance though. On another note, doesn't the full length dragon remind you of Mooshoo from the movie Mulan? I love his character in the movie!

This is the very cute shoelace design, copied from one of the Konad plates, though I don't know which one. It's the only reason why I got the plate though, which is quite a shame because it is USD2. I guess I'll use the flowers sometime.... hm. I can imagine doing a whole bunch of adorable shoes manicures with this design, I'm just wondering how to paint a realistic shoe on my fingers, and just my left hand at that. I'm terribly un-ambidextrous so my right hand normally looks very much crappier than my left.

BF-Beauty is pretty awesome, they gave me a USD5 coupon off for my next purchase before the end of the year, which I fully intend to use. And a box of pre-designed fake nails! I'm pretty amazed at their generosity, seeing as I only spent about USD9 +, because when you sign up as a member they give you 20 store credits immediately which comes up to about a dollar off the entire purchase. Shipping is cheap and fast, and I'm really in love with them right now.

But who knows, I might revise my review once I actually start stamping with them. I haven't tried any yet. It might turn out awfully disastrous, since their lines are clearly thicker than the Konad ones.

Anyway, what do you think of the plates? Will you purchase some on your own?

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  1. wowiee girl, pls try and let us know how it is like! i wanna get some too!!!! :D:D