Friday, October 8, 2010


Today I decided to paint a duller sadder colour to match my mood. This is Color Club's High Society. 

I struggled with the formula on this one, it's rather gloopy and bubbled quite a bit. When I used to use lousy nail polishes, I didn't really care, but now I've been spoiled by proper brands like China Glaze.

I put a konad on top of it to detract a little from the bubbles. These are two designs, the chain and the anchor, they're both from the BM set of plates. I like it very much, it reminds me of an anchor just sinking through some muddy dusty sediment on the sea bed, like where the Titanic sank.

This is a lovely grey-taupe, I didn't like it initially because I only wanted something strictly grey and this definitely had a tinge of purple to it which I didn't quite like, but the longer I wore it, the more it grew on me. I wore this for 5 days, and all it suffered was a tiny little chip on my index finger.

So what are your favourite shades of grey?


  1. Love the stamping :)
    My fave grey is Black Diamond from Petites new line.

  2. hey babe, maybe do thin coats first? my High Society applied like heaven! lol
    CLATTY's from Venus Beauty, hmm at Boon Lay mrt. im sure other places have as well, gotta try searching on google firrst :)
    Nature Republic's at Jurong Point, 313 Somerset.. :D

  3. Leslie: Black Diamond looks gorgeous! It's such a lovely holo! Can you believe I don't own a single holo?

    Jamie: Thanks so much! Though I doubt I'll go and buy either of them because I live in the east and I seldom go to Orchard. There are a couple of Venus Beautys around, maybe I'll walk into one. I can't quite keep track of all the small little beauty shops.