Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first holographic polish!

Edit: Finally got my camera back, so additional photos uploaded!

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry for going AWOL for so long. It's been ages since I posted and I haven't had the time because I've had some awful awful school work to do, papers to write, and while one has been submitted there is another one tomorrow that is maybe 1/4 complete. I have to stay off the internet, all the polish news going around is SO distracting! 

Anyway this is my first holographic polish- China Glaze TTYL! Enjoy the wonderful holographic awesomeness!

The two shots below are in artificial white light.

These two shots below are in sunlight.

CG TTYL is a lovely pale pink that can almost pass off as neutral if you don't look that close to it. I think it's really work appropriate because it's just so pale, but yet wonderfully entertaining since it is an incredible holographic polish!

The formula was quite nice at first, it can be a ONE-COATER if you put it on properly! The picture of my right hand are two coats, but the picture of my left hand is merely one coat. I'm definitely not ambidexterous so I had to put two coats on my right hand to make up for the awful application.

It's strange though, because as I went along, the polish started to get gloopy and a bit hard to work with. I added in some polish thinner and all was well subsequently. I'm wearing this as a pedicure too, and it is truly one of my favourite polishes now! It goes so well with all my shoes yet if I look at it carefully and wiggle my toes, the holo really comes out, it's really incredible.

After two days I decided to spice it up with a little konad: This is the lace pattern from m57, stamped with CG Millenium. I'm seriously in love with Millenium and the other polishes in the range, they are fantastic for stamping! Though they do dry rather quick.

My thumb nail in the picture below has a top coat, while the ring finger doesn't. I wanted to compare the difference in holo-ness with top coat and without. Many bloggers have been saying that a top coat dulls the holo-ness. Fact or fiction????? It's not obvious in the picture here, but, FACT! 

The holo-ness is more scattered with a top coat, but certainly still there. You see the rainbow, but the colours in the rainbow holo aren't as differentiated as without a top coat. But without a top coat, this polish got tip wear in two days, so perhaps to preserve the longevity of a holo mani, it would be recommended to wear a top coat. The scattered holo-ness is really not a substantial difference, and would certainly save the trouble of having to do another coat later on.

As you can see, my top coat has horrible bubbling. I'm using INM Out The Door, any tips? I am also now on the search for holographic polishes! Anyone has good recommendations?


  1. wow, I love this one! I only have 1 holo, the one from GOSH. I really love it, you should try it!

  2. I would love to try GOSH Holographic, I've heard so many good things about it! Unfortunately I can't get it in Singapore.... A lot of Asian polishes are still stuck on the red/pink creme/shimmer mentality.

  3. Daiso has holo polish! check my blog for it :)

  4. Really?! AWESOME! Plus it's only 2 bucks!

  5. yep! the bottles are like twisted ones lol. long and sleek lol. shake well though, then u can see holo ;)

  6. Ooh I'm so excited! Do all Daisos have them, or only certain ones?

  7. all Daisos! but the one at PS only the orangey ones left. try ION and Vivo ok!

  8. Oh no! I don't have time to go to either of those. So far. =( I guess I'll check it out in Dec, hopefully there'll be some left!