Saturday, October 2, 2010


I recently had a swap with Jen from the Polish-Aholic. She's super friendly and nice, and I swapped some Asian polishes with her for Claire's Mood Polishes!

Seeing all the pictures on all the different polish blogs made me want them really really bad, and Jen was so nice to swap with me! She sent me 6 colours, pictures below. I'm still hoping to get the beige/grey coloured one, I think it's called Daring/Innocent. I'm not a big fan of beige or grey, but I'm just itching for a colour change that is really obvious.

The polishes that I received

The purple glittery one is Calm/Wild, the pink one is Awesome/Silly

The coral one is Excited/Bored, the bright pink is Fabulous/Funky

The blue is Flirty/Shy, the green is Happy/Earthy

Pretty aren't they?

Anyway if anyone's interested to know, the colour in the bottles is the "cold" colour, which is the first name of the two names eg. Happy coloured, of Happy/Earthy. I'm currently wearing one of them as a manicure, I'll put up pictures soon. Just to let you know, the polishes don't usually stay the "cold" colour on your nail bed. It's usually the warm one, and seldom turns cold unless you press your fingernail against the side of a cold beverage or put it in front of the air-conditioning.

Do any of you have Claire's mood polishes? What do you think? Are there any particular colours that you want to see me wear?


  1. hey babe, u can go to or meimei signatures on fb or for them ;) or join spress in livejournal to get them directly from transdesign or 8ty8eauty :) oh and check out too!
    hope this helped:D
    Jamie K.
    p.s im up for swaps with u too!

  2. I bet you have a lot of fun with those colors. My favorite is Calm/Wild...I love the look matte or shiny and I love how it changes color on the nail. Great swap. :)

  3. @Jamie K.: Hey Jamie, thanks for the websites! So far I've only been joining sprees to get the polishes, because they're usually at least two dollars cheaper than those websites, and I don't mind waiting for them. I find 8ty8beauty to be cheaper than transdesign, except for Color Club polishes. I got my konad stuff from, it's a Sg company, and shipping was $4.50 I think for two konad sets, by reg mail, reached me in 3 days after I ordered and comes in a proper box.

    @Laquer Ware: I'm wearing Excited/Bored right now, it's really fun, but with short nails the colour stays the same pretty much all the time. I have been drinking plenty of cold drinks for the past few days though.