Monday, November 29, 2010

Nude Shades

My exams are finally over! But unfortunately I won't be posting much because I have to keep naked nails for a while. Anyway these are pictures of some manicures I did last week but have yet to post. I had a "craving" if you will for nude shades that were calming, so I wore these colours: 

Ardene Barely There

Elianto Bisque

There was some immense bubbling with the Elianto polish with a top coat over, as you can see on my left middle finger, there's so much bubbles they look like crab holes in wet sand.

Both polishes were fairly easy to work with, not really streaky and covered well in 3 coats.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Del Sol Ruby Slipper

I always thought it was called Ruby Slippers, hmmm but the label says Ruby Slipper. Curiouser and curioser!

I'm wearing Ruby Slipper on my fingernails and toenails, so there will be pictures of both!

I first applied two thin coats of CG Frosty as the base, so that the red will pop more in the sun. Then two coats of Ruby Slipper, one coat of SV.

Enough talking, here's the pictures!

One day later, I konaded with a Christmas fauxnad plate from BF Beauty, another fauxnad plate from BF Beauty for the crescent moon and the planet, and the stars are from one of the BM plates. Topped with several coats of INM Silver and Gold Holographic top coats, so they sparkle in sunlight!

I'm not sure it came out too well, but the silhouettes at the tip are of a Christmas tree and a snowman, and  what appears to be other kinds of shrubbery. I do like the design though, it looks like a lovely Christmas scene in a blizzard.

Haha, if only we could see a giant planet with a ring around it from earth. It'll be awesome! Every time I would walk out of my house at night I would look at the planet in the sky and see the rings around it then get a little scared I'd be abducted by aliens.

Anyway here are the pictures in the sun!

 My toenails were 4 coats of Ruby Slipper (it's rather sheer) topped with 1 coat of SV.

As you can see, the colour on my toe nails is darker than that on my fingernails. I think it's because I have so many coats on top of Ruby Slipper on my fingernails, at least 4 layers of various top coats, not including the konad. My toenails just had one layer of top coat.

The many many coats made my fingernails end up more pink than red, but the colour change is pretty obvious still. 

The pinkie and ring fingernails (from the left) are w/o sunlight, the middle and index fingers have been exposed to sunlight, but the colour on the middle finger is clearly darker than the index finger, because there was two extra coats of INM's holographic top coat on it.

*Scientist voice* Thus I can conclude here that putting a top coat will not harm the colour change of the polish, but the more layers of top coats, the less dramatic the colour change will be.

This polish was easy to work with, though sheer, and definitely very fun because of the obvious colour changes. I've been deliberately walking in the sun a bit more just to admire the colour change. While Del Sol says it's supposed to change from silver to red, it is really more of a dark pink in full blast sunlight, which is still pretty awesome.

Would you try sunlight activated colour changing polishes?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunshine and sunflowers!

This is probably not the appropriate season for my friends up in the Northern Hemisphere because it's going to be winter, but I wanted something sunny to cheer me up while studying. So here's a lovely pastel yellow from Joe Fresh which I got in a swap. It looks slightly dirty or dusty, but as I wore it, I loved it more and more!

Application wasn't the best, a little streaky, but seche vite did wonders and made it look incredible! This is 3 coats, some thick, some thin, but it looks pretty decent after seche vite. Cumulatively the three layers were pretty thick though.

I decided to add on some summery sunflower water decals I got from an online shop that also sells fauxnads. It's called autheps or something like that, I tried googling but I just can't find it. It was a set of 10 water decals for USD3 i think.

I like water decals, they're pretty easy to use, except when they rumple a bit when you're trying to stick them on, like what happened to some of my fingers here, but the images are awesome and they lie flat.

So summery and yellow and flowery! I don't think yellow quite goes with my skin though. How about you- do yellows look good on you?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sparkleicious Gradient Mani!

Remember last week when I came home to find a broken Sparkle-icious? I was so upset because I've been thinking of creating this mani for ages! Anyway I bought another one in a local blog sale, and whew, this time it came wrapped very securely from tip to toe (unlike the last one). 

So here we go, this is Essie Sexy Divide and OPI Sparkle-icious!

Essie Sexy Divide is reaaaaally SEXY! It's a gorgeous purple shimmer, not royal purple, it looks better! It's so gorgeous, and was nearly a one-coater. What you see is two coats, very very easy to work with, I will definitely wear it again soon!

To create this look is very simple, make sure you have very little glitter on your brush, then paint just half the nail first. I painted from the tip to the middle, because I wanted a more scattered look from the glitter. Starting from the middle to the tip will mostly likely ensure that the glitter kind of starts in a straight line in the middle, and that happened on my thumb (which is why it wasn't photographed).

After that, just dip the brush in the polish and dab on a lot of glitter at just the tips! Easy peasy! Sparkle-icious was very watery, which meant that I had to dab a few times to get the glitter to be more concentrated.

Isn't it pretty???? I'm in love with them right now!

Anyway I do have to apologise for the infrequent updates, it's the middle of my exams now, I had a science exam earlier this afternoon and it was awful. I wasn't listening much to my professor throughout the semester, but her exam didn't make much sense. She kept asking for the differential or the gradient in a phenomenon from the physical sciences we had studied, but all of us were like, "what he heck is a differential/gradient?!" I'm probably being very snobby here too, but I would expect a professor, no less one with a PhD, to be able to set an exam paper in full English sentences. It was difficult understanding what the requirements were of certain questions. Sigh, I hope I do decently in this, all my hours of studying this silly subject came to nought in the exam.

This is also a giveaway I'm entering: Scandalously Polished is giving away 4 sets of frankens she made for Christmas! Some of them look AMAZING so do take a look!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend ahead!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Musical Manicure and some Giveaways to join!

Here's a lovely musical manicure I did! The base is China Glaze Frosty, which is a very nice shimmery white, but which is very very translucent, I have about 5 to 6 coats on, and I can still see a bit of VNL. Ahhh as you can tell, I'm very anal.

This is Konad m73, stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme. Sorry for the smudges, it took many tries and I got too tired to make sure everything was perfect.

Kind of reminds me of a Christmas caroling book in winter! Not that I know what caroling in winter's like....

I haven't done this for a while, but here are some giveaways I'm entering, and which you can join too!


Beautyburg is having a giveaway here. She's giving away a set of Sephora by OPI polishes!

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Jacie's November Giveaway is here. She's giving away some very exquisitely painted artificial nails!

Libby at Libby's Pink Vanity franked her own polishes and is having a giveaway here!

Fashioned in Finland is giving away some make up. If you've tried TKB samples before or want to try, join the giveaway! Their powders are awesome for eyeshadows!

Crystaliciousss is having a Koh giveaway here!

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Win Essence magnetic polishes on the Laquerista!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I can't play cards!

I tried to do a poker cards mani, using the BM plates. 

Ugh- fail! 

The red was done using Konad Special Polish in red, but somehow it smudged spectacularly. The black wasn't too bad, but it was all pretty messed up. =(

Could have quickly wiped away the colours, but seeing how the base is white, I doubted the white base would be in any decent condition, and I really didn't feel like redoing it after spending quite a while painstakingly painting on the white base.

Sigh, maybe I'll give this a try another time, I thought about this idea for so long and was so excited....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Strawberries with gold tips!

This was the Elianto Salsa Pink mani that I did a while back, but now with gold tips added! 

The gold tips were added on half with strategically placed scotch tape, and then the other half of the pointy tip was free-handed on. I tried to put tape on, but it pulled away the other half that was already done. 

The gold tip was done with CG Hi-Tek.

Does anyone have tips on how to free-hand tips nicely? Mine are all wonky.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alternate Poolside Mani!

Hi everyone! This is CG's Kiwi Cool-Ada (green) and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini from the CG Poolside Collection. 

I got them a few weeks ago, but wasn't quite in the mood for neons. 

They're quite bright in real life, and dry a bit matte. The problem is how transparent it is! What you see is at least 7 or 8 coats- I lost count after a while. Even with so many coats, you can see patches, and in real life, I can still see VNL. I guess next time I'll do it over a white base.

Anyone had the same issues as me?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An angry rant at a spree organizer

I am so pissed off right now. I joined a spree to get some polishes, unfortunately some were out of stock, so all I could get was a bottle of Seche Vite and OPI Sparkle-icious.

There were so many problems with this spree organizer, aka Orangey19 aka Ai Ling aka Ashley on spreehouse/spreesgalore. It's normal for spree organizers to mail out stuff, even polishes, and I've gotten so many in perfect condition before, but not this time.

When the polishes had reached Orangey19, she sent out a mail asking everyone to meet up with her and collect. I told her I couldn't, but she kept asking if I was sure I couldn't make some time to meet her and get them directly. I got quite firm and told her to mail the polishes to me, which she said she would. This was two thursdays ago. Then she said she couldn't mail them out quickly because she already brought the polishes to the meet-up place, aka Vivocity. I was quite annoyed because I was quite clear from the beginning that I was not going to meet her, and she knew that, but yet she brought the polishes there. Anyway I told her it's okay, and she said she would mail them out by the weekend. Fast forward 4 days later, it's last Tuesday, and she's not replying her emails so I sms her, and she says she hasn't mailed them out yet! Wheee surprise.

Again she says that she would mail them out by Wednesday, so I said okay. I figured even if she mailed them on Wednesday night, I'll get the polishes by Friday, because Singapore Post is just that fast. I contacted her this morning because I still hadn't gotten them, and she said she mailed them out on Thursday.

Finally, today I come home late at night and find two packages on the table. One from her, another from a Transdesign spree. I pick up the smaller package which is the one from her, and I notice a very very familiar smell- nail polish!

Then I notice a purple stain on the bottom of the envelope and I think everyone knows what has happened.

Yup. It broke.

With a small piece of bubblewrap like that, and the polish is shipped in a tiny paper envelope, is it any surprise it broke?????

It broke clean off!

Anyway I sms-ed her, she refuses to refund, which I'm not surprised by, and there's really not much I can do. I don't think I'm wrong in being pissed off that this was her fault, because if you're stupid enough to send a big glass bottle through the mail with a tiny piece of bubblewrap, then you should refund, but oh well.

Sorry about the rant, I'm just so pissed off at her because I was looking forward to Sparkle-icious so much!!!!! I was planning to use it as a french tip with a purple base. Sigh. I guess I'll order again from another spree, probably with a spree organizer that I've spree-ed with many times before.

Here are some photos of the polish in the envelope, you can see the colour of Sparkle-icious and the wonderful glitter!

Tried reviving the polish in the envelope by scraping it off, but the paper stuck to it. Then I tried adding OPI Lacquer Thinner to it but it didn't dissolve anything, so I gave up!

Just to keep this post relevant, here are my nails at the moment:

This is OPI DS Chiffon, stamped with CG Millenium, using the BM plate with the "shell" on it and the fauxnad plates I got from BF-Beauty for the proper sea shells.

Quite pretty isn't it? I love pink so much!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish in Awesome/Silly!

Hi everyone! Today I have for you Claire's Mood Polish in Awesome/Silly. It's a colour that is lighter pink when warm, and darker pink when cold. 

I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of the colour change, it was barely discernible to the naked eye and changed back to the warm colour quite fast, and I was too lazy to bother. If you do have a chance to get the mood polishes, please pick a different colour that has more obvious colour change please. 

Anyway I decided to garnish my nails with some butterfly water decals I bought from a HK website, which I would not recommend because their products are pretty low quality, though shipping's cheap. 

It was my first time using water decals, and they're pretty easy to use! Just cut off the strip of decals I wanted to use and put them in water, and the decals were just slipping off already!

I like it, I think it's quite sweet, I will definitely use the other water decals I got, though some aren't very nice. A bit too chinese. Like old-fashioned chinese bedsheets kind of styles. Still, there are some pretty flowers.

Anyway for any Singaporean girls out there, I found OPIs in Robinsons! The price was retarded though. $23.90 for a regular bottle, $32.90 for the Designer Series. I almost burst out laughing at the prices, it's absurd! Buying them through 8ty8beauty or Transdesign or any local etailers would probably cost max $11! They did have the Burlesque, HK and Swiss collections, and several random other bottles like the suede and matte ones, but at that price, nah. They also sold the Burlesque collection in sets, some which I have not seen online at all, but the prices were pretty absurd at over $50 for each set (containing only 2 Burlesque polishes and a pouch). They also sold the Gothic Goth mini polishes set with a free cuff at $32.90, which is really expensive for 4 mini polishes. I never knew this, but OPI's mini polishes are REALLY tiny!

I like instant gratification, but the prices just seem too much to pay for that....