Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An angry rant at a spree organizer

I am so pissed off right now. I joined a spree to get some polishes, unfortunately some were out of stock, so all I could get was a bottle of Seche Vite and OPI Sparkle-icious.

There were so many problems with this spree organizer, aka Orangey19 aka Ai Ling aka Ashley on spreehouse/spreesgalore. It's normal for spree organizers to mail out stuff, even polishes, and I've gotten so many in perfect condition before, but not this time.

When the polishes had reached Orangey19, she sent out a mail asking everyone to meet up with her and collect. I told her I couldn't, but she kept asking if I was sure I couldn't make some time to meet her and get them directly. I got quite firm and told her to mail the polishes to me, which she said she would. This was two thursdays ago. Then she said she couldn't mail them out quickly because she already brought the polishes to the meet-up place, aka Vivocity. I was quite annoyed because I was quite clear from the beginning that I was not going to meet her, and she knew that, but yet she brought the polishes there. Anyway I told her it's okay, and she said she would mail them out by the weekend. Fast forward 4 days later, it's last Tuesday, and she's not replying her emails so I sms her, and she says she hasn't mailed them out yet! Wheee surprise.

Again she says that she would mail them out by Wednesday, so I said okay. I figured even if she mailed them on Wednesday night, I'll get the polishes by Friday, because Singapore Post is just that fast. I contacted her this morning because I still hadn't gotten them, and she said she mailed them out on Thursday.

Finally, today I come home late at night and find two packages on the table. One from her, another from a Transdesign spree. I pick up the smaller package which is the one from her, and I notice a very very familiar smell- nail polish!

Then I notice a purple stain on the bottom of the envelope and I think everyone knows what has happened.

Yup. It broke.

With a small piece of bubblewrap like that, and the polish is shipped in a tiny paper envelope, is it any surprise it broke?????

It broke clean off!

Anyway I sms-ed her, she refuses to refund, which I'm not surprised by, and there's really not much I can do. I don't think I'm wrong in being pissed off that this was her fault, because if you're stupid enough to send a big glass bottle through the mail with a tiny piece of bubblewrap, then you should refund, but oh well.

Sorry about the rant, I'm just so pissed off at her because I was looking forward to Sparkle-icious so much!!!!! I was planning to use it as a french tip with a purple base. Sigh. I guess I'll order again from another spree, probably with a spree organizer that I've spree-ed with many times before.

Here are some photos of the polish in the envelope, you can see the colour of Sparkle-icious and the wonderful glitter!

Tried reviving the polish in the envelope by scraping it off, but the paper stuck to it. Then I tried adding OPI Lacquer Thinner to it but it didn't dissolve anything, so I gave up!

Just to keep this post relevant, here are my nails at the moment:

This is OPI DS Chiffon, stamped with CG Millenium, using the BM plate with the "shell" on it and the fauxnad plates I got from BF-Beauty for the proper sea shells.

Quite pretty isn't it? I love pink so much!


  1. i love ur nails babe!
    here's a link:
    check out her blogsale. dunnoe if u want any from there!

    cheer up. some spree organizers are like that! but she is really unreasonable to not give a refund!

  2. Thanks Jamie! Yup I was thinking of getting some of the Burlesque polishes from her, its the cheapest around so far and doesn't cost much more than getting it on a spree.

  3. Love your nails, sorry about that crappy delivery.