Monday, November 8, 2010

Claire's Mood Polish in Awesome/Silly!

Hi everyone! Today I have for you Claire's Mood Polish in Awesome/Silly. It's a colour that is lighter pink when warm, and darker pink when cold. 

I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of the colour change, it was barely discernible to the naked eye and changed back to the warm colour quite fast, and I was too lazy to bother. If you do have a chance to get the mood polishes, please pick a different colour that has more obvious colour change please. 

Anyway I decided to garnish my nails with some butterfly water decals I bought from a HK website, which I would not recommend because their products are pretty low quality, though shipping's cheap. 

It was my first time using water decals, and they're pretty easy to use! Just cut off the strip of decals I wanted to use and put them in water, and the decals were just slipping off already!

I like it, I think it's quite sweet, I will definitely use the other water decals I got, though some aren't very nice. A bit too chinese. Like old-fashioned chinese bedsheets kind of styles. Still, there are some pretty flowers.

Anyway for any Singaporean girls out there, I found OPIs in Robinsons! The price was retarded though. $23.90 for a regular bottle, $32.90 for the Designer Series. I almost burst out laughing at the prices, it's absurd! Buying them through 8ty8beauty or Transdesign or any local etailers would probably cost max $11! They did have the Burlesque, HK and Swiss collections, and several random other bottles like the suede and matte ones, but at that price, nah. They also sold the Burlesque collection in sets, some which I have not seen online at all, but the prices were pretty absurd at over $50 for each set (containing only 2 Burlesque polishes and a pouch). They also sold the Gothic Goth mini polishes set with a free cuff at $32.90, which is really expensive for 4 mini polishes. I never knew this, but OPI's mini polishes are REALLY tiny!

I like instant gratification, but the prices just seem too much to pay for that....


  1. Cute nails. I live in the US and buy OPI polishes anywhere from $5-$8.

  2. yeps, OPI is also sold in BHG at bugis... same pricey even with 20 percent discount, nah... unless e-tailers dont have that particular colour, then i guess more worth the price!