Monday, November 1, 2010

Del Sol Pretty in Pink!

So I've put on Del Sol's Pretty in Pink as a manicure, and boy is it pretty!

This is under artificial lighting at night

It has the luminescence that you see on the inside of a seashell, it's not too obvious here, but it is very pearlescent and duo/trio-chromey. 

This is it in natural sunlight indoors, it's definitely pink, but the picture doesn't show its luminescence 

This is in transition- you can see the colour definitely changing to a pink, but the bottle hasn't yet. I'm not sure you can see it but there is a definite contrast between the colour on the nails and in the bottle. 

Still in transition, under direct sunlight.

Isn't it pretty?

This is the full pink! 

It's really Pretty in Pink, isn't it? I do like the Del Sol colour change, it's really fun, especially since today was a very sunny day.

However, the formula was ghastly to work with. ARGH. What you see is 4 coats, with BC and TC. It's definitely very streaky, and was quite gloopy to work with. There was awful patchy spots everywhere so I had to keep putting on layer after layer. Under white light all the mistakes are awfully obvious.

I wonder if it's because of the colour-change chemicals in the polish that make it gloopy, all the colour changing polishes I own are incredibly gloopy and rather difficult to work with. At the moment I'm very happy with this manicure because it turned out pretty nice despite the awful gloopiness.

At $14.90 from Sasa, (I got it at 20% off, some Sasas are having a 20% sale now), I'm not sure it's worth it because the formula's just terrible. However it's definitely fun to play with, the colour change is pretty obvious, and I look forward to trying more!

What do you think? Would you want to try it or give it a miss?

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  1. awesome review babe! :) i love this... very demure, a color i lack in my stash *shakes head*