Sunday, November 21, 2010

Del Sol Ruby Slipper

I always thought it was called Ruby Slippers, hmmm but the label says Ruby Slipper. Curiouser and curioser!

I'm wearing Ruby Slipper on my fingernails and toenails, so there will be pictures of both!

I first applied two thin coats of CG Frosty as the base, so that the red will pop more in the sun. Then two coats of Ruby Slipper, one coat of SV.

Enough talking, here's the pictures!

One day later, I konaded with a Christmas fauxnad plate from BF Beauty, another fauxnad plate from BF Beauty for the crescent moon and the planet, and the stars are from one of the BM plates. Topped with several coats of INM Silver and Gold Holographic top coats, so they sparkle in sunlight!

I'm not sure it came out too well, but the silhouettes at the tip are of a Christmas tree and a snowman, and  what appears to be other kinds of shrubbery. I do like the design though, it looks like a lovely Christmas scene in a blizzard.

Haha, if only we could see a giant planet with a ring around it from earth. It'll be awesome! Every time I would walk out of my house at night I would look at the planet in the sky and see the rings around it then get a little scared I'd be abducted by aliens.

Anyway here are the pictures in the sun!

 My toenails were 4 coats of Ruby Slipper (it's rather sheer) topped with 1 coat of SV.

As you can see, the colour on my toe nails is darker than that on my fingernails. I think it's because I have so many coats on top of Ruby Slipper on my fingernails, at least 4 layers of various top coats, not including the konad. My toenails just had one layer of top coat.

The many many coats made my fingernails end up more pink than red, but the colour change is pretty obvious still. 

The pinkie and ring fingernails (from the left) are w/o sunlight, the middle and index fingers have been exposed to sunlight, but the colour on the middle finger is clearly darker than the index finger, because there was two extra coats of INM's holographic top coat on it.

*Scientist voice* Thus I can conclude here that putting a top coat will not harm the colour change of the polish, but the more layers of top coats, the less dramatic the colour change will be.

This polish was easy to work with, though sheer, and definitely very fun because of the obvious colour changes. I've been deliberately walking in the sun a bit more just to admire the colour change. While Del Sol says it's supposed to change from silver to red, it is really more of a dark pink in full blast sunlight, which is still pretty awesome.

Would you try sunlight activated colour changing polishes?


  1. :) I have this one! And it definitely didn't get that dramatic for me in the sun :(

  2. Maybe you got to really put on many coats! I know it was very sheer so I had quite a number of coats. Or use a white base so the red pops!

  3. Everything looks great. I just got Colour Club's new holiday set and some of the polishes look similar. Check out my post later this week.

  4. Hihi I'm a SG nail blogger too! Heard about you from Jamie @ Squovalicious. Oooh I love your Konadicure with the stars and planets! And we have Del Sol here!?!?!?