Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Musical Manicure and some Giveaways to join!

Here's a lovely musical manicure I did! The base is China Glaze Frosty, which is a very nice shimmery white, but which is very very translucent, I have about 5 to 6 coats on, and I can still see a bit of VNL. Ahhh as you can tell, I'm very anal.

This is Konad m73, stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme. Sorry for the smudges, it took many tries and I got too tired to make sure everything was perfect.

Kind of reminds me of a Christmas caroling book in winter! Not that I know what caroling in winter's like....

I haven't done this for a while, but here are some giveaways I'm entering, and which you can join too!


Beautyburg is having a giveaway here. She's giving away a set of Sephora by OPI polishes!

Varnish Vixen is having a giveaway here. She's giving away 4 prizes, so check it out!

Jacie's November Giveaway is here. She's giving away some very exquisitely painted artificial nails!

Libby at Libby's Pink Vanity franked her own polishes and is having a giveaway here!

Fashioned in Finland is giving away some make up. If you've tried TKB samples before or want to try, join the giveaway! Their powders are awesome for eyeshadows!

Crystaliciousss is having a Koh giveaway here!

Heli's Beauties Giveaway here!

Cel is having a giveaway here!

Zombie Claws is having a giveaway here!

Kayla from Beauty by Kayla Shevonne is having a polish and make up giveaway here!

Nails Beautiqued is giving away the latest CND polishes here!

Witoxicity is having a giveaway here!

Aurora's Nails is having a Christmas giveaway here!

Painted Lady Fingers's giveaway:

Bec's Beauty Buzz's giveaway:

Kitschy Suburbia's giveaway:

Win Essence magnetic polishes on the Laquerista!


  1. :) The shininess of this polish reminds me of Christmas candy.

  2. thanks for entering! your entries are going into the pink bag for drawing! :D