Monday, November 29, 2010

Nude Shades

My exams are finally over! But unfortunately I won't be posting much because I have to keep naked nails for a while. Anyway these are pictures of some manicures I did last week but have yet to post. I had a "craving" if you will for nude shades that were calming, so I wore these colours: 

Ardene Barely There

Elianto Bisque

There was some immense bubbling with the Elianto polish with a top coat over, as you can see on my left middle finger, there's so much bubbles they look like crab holes in wet sand.

Both polishes were fairly easy to work with, not really streaky and covered well in 3 coats.


  1. i hate bubbles! i usually redo those nails lol
    congrats on the end of ur exams, mine have barely even started

  2. :) Nude nails I love.
    I'm still searching for the perfect nude polish for my strange skin tone.

  3. I love the first colour! Is that Ardene as in the accessories store or something else?

  4. Hey Cheryl I tagged you!

  5. Thanks girls!

    Jamie, I would too, but I'm just too lazy to redo them!

    Yup Rachel, I'm still looking for the perfect shade, these two aren't that matching yet... Thanks for the blog award!

    FunnyFaceBeauty: It's a Canadian brand I think, I got it in a swap with a Canadian blogger, I think they sell makeup and nail polish.