Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Sparkleicious Gradient Mani!

Remember last week when I came home to find a broken Sparkle-icious? I was so upset because I've been thinking of creating this mani for ages! Anyway I bought another one in a local blog sale, and whew, this time it came wrapped very securely from tip to toe (unlike the last one). 

So here we go, this is Essie Sexy Divide and OPI Sparkle-icious!

Essie Sexy Divide is reaaaaally SEXY! It's a gorgeous purple shimmer, not royal purple, it looks better! It's so gorgeous, and was nearly a one-coater. What you see is two coats, very very easy to work with, I will definitely wear it again soon!

To create this look is very simple, make sure you have very little glitter on your brush, then paint just half the nail first. I painted from the tip to the middle, because I wanted a more scattered look from the glitter. Starting from the middle to the tip will mostly likely ensure that the glitter kind of starts in a straight line in the middle, and that happened on my thumb (which is why it wasn't photographed).

After that, just dip the brush in the polish and dab on a lot of glitter at just the tips! Easy peasy! Sparkle-icious was very watery, which meant that I had to dab a few times to get the glitter to be more concentrated.

Isn't it pretty???? I'm in love with them right now!

Anyway I do have to apologise for the infrequent updates, it's the middle of my exams now, I had a science exam earlier this afternoon and it was awful. I wasn't listening much to my professor throughout the semester, but her exam didn't make much sense. She kept asking for the differential or the gradient in a phenomenon from the physical sciences we had studied, but all of us were like, "what he heck is a differential/gradient?!" I'm probably being very snobby here too, but I would expect a professor, no less one with a PhD, to be able to set an exam paper in full English sentences. It was difficult understanding what the requirements were of certain questions. Sigh, I hope I do decently in this, all my hours of studying this silly subject came to nought in the exam.

This is also a giveaway I'm entering: Scandalously Polished is giving away 4 sets of frankens she made for Christmas! Some of them look AMAZING so do take a look!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend ahead!