Friday, November 12, 2010

Strawberries with gold tips!

This was the Elianto Salsa Pink mani that I did a while back, but now with gold tips added! 

The gold tips were added on half with strategically placed scotch tape, and then the other half of the pointy tip was free-handed on. I tried to put tape on, but it pulled away the other half that was already done. 

The gold tip was done with CG Hi-Tek.

Does anyone have tips on how to free-hand tips nicely? Mine are all wonky.


  1. woohooo Eliantos are awesome i tell ya!! <3

  2. Free handing is so obnoxious to do. :) I always use guides.

  3. @ Jamie: Yeah!!!! I'm starting to use them more and more and for their price, they're really great!

    @ Rachel: I ran out of guides, and I'm a little reluctant to pay quite a bit for guides. The only ones I can find are Sally Hansen and they're quite expensive...

    @ FunnyFaceBeauty: Thanks!