Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunshine and sunflowers!

This is probably not the appropriate season for my friends up in the Northern Hemisphere because it's going to be winter, but I wanted something sunny to cheer me up while studying. So here's a lovely pastel yellow from Joe Fresh which I got in a swap. It looks slightly dirty or dusty, but as I wore it, I loved it more and more!

Application wasn't the best, a little streaky, but seche vite did wonders and made it look incredible! This is 3 coats, some thick, some thin, but it looks pretty decent after seche vite. Cumulatively the three layers were pretty thick though.

I decided to add on some summery sunflower water decals I got from an online shop that also sells fauxnads. It's called autheps or something like that, I tried googling but I just can't find it. It was a set of 10 water decals for USD3 i think.

I like water decals, they're pretty easy to use, except when they rumple a bit when you're trying to stick them on, like what happened to some of my fingers here, but the images are awesome and they lie flat.

So summery and yellow and flowery! I don't think yellow quite goes with my skin though. How about you- do yellows look good on you?


  1. very neat and awesome looking ;D :D

  2. :) I've wanted to try Joe Fresh polishes!

    Ugh, I had the hardest time with a water decal the other say. It wouldn't stick right on my nail at all!

  3. I think the trick is to make sure it's totally wet, even on the under side so you can move it around, once you like its placement you can squish it down and the water from underneath will come out. I have realized it's harder to use it with longer nails than with shorter nails though.

  4. great color! I need Joe Fresh!

  5. It looks good on you, like butter :) Glad I picked this one for you