Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Swap and a Comparison!

I recently swapped with Perry of PerryPie's Nail Polish Adventures, she was very sweet to email me about a swap after I commented on her blog about the problems with stamping using Konad's Black special polish. 

We decided to swap a few others as well, and this is what she sent me!

Aren't they so pretty????? 

This is awfully embarrassing, but what you see in this picture below are my very first Essie and OPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look so pretty! It's Essie Sexy Divide, and OPI DS Chiffon. WOW! The purple is incredibly awesome!

 Here are two Ardene polishes- Taupes Off and Barely There, respectively. Aren't the names cute? Taupe's not my thing, but since I haven't tried one before, this is definitely worth a try. Who knows, I might fall in love with it. (Unlikely, but maybe!)

This is a little mini polish from Sephora, again my first Sephora polish! I think it's called Fusion, because it's on the label, but it may very well stand for something else. 
 Here is Sally Hansen Mochachino and Wet n Wild Black Creme (for stamping).

Here are some quick swatches on paper: 
In the top row we have Essie Sexy Divide, Ardene Barely There and OPI DS Chiffon.
In the second row we have Sally Hansen Mochachino and Sephora Fusion.
In the third row is Ardene Taupes Off. (Ignore the fourth row)

After I opened the Sally Hansen bottle I finally realized what the gripe was with its bottle and brush. The brush is thick! The stem is thick, the bristles are thick, and the bottle can barely balance! So I decided to do a comparison post too. 

Here you see the stem of the handle compared to the width of the bottleneck. Quite squeezy isn't it? 

The stem of the brush is very rectangular.

And so is the brush!

On the left is Elianto's Salsa Pink, on the right is the Sally Hansen one. As you can see there is quite a substantial difference in terms of the brush width. 

This is the OPI DS Chiffon Brush with the Sally Hansen one. If I'm not wrong (and correct me if I am), the OPI brush is the pro wide salon one, and it is almost the same width as the Sally Hansen one, but it is ROUNDER, not RECTANGULAR-ISH. I haven't used either to actually paint my nails yet, so I can't comment on the application. I've heard a lot of praises about the OPI pro wide salon brush though. 

These are both brushes, but sideways. 

This is Essie Sexy Divide compared to Sally Hansen. Essie now looks quite skimpy huh?

And this is China Glaze Turned-Up Turquoise with Sally Hansen.  

I hope this is helpful, not sure how it can be, but I guess I can't quite give much comments at the moment since I've not painted with the Sally Hansen brush yet though. Doesn't the colour look absolutely chocolate-y? YUM!

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