Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Pretty much all the polish blogs I'm reading these few days feature the blogger's top ten polishes of 2010, and while that's a great idea, I'm going to give it a pass, because I really only started liking polishes in the last one-third of this year so I don't have that many polishes, and also just recently started blogging, so I really don't feel like I have any locus standi. 

Anyway, I'll still share with you my new year's eve mani, I'm not planning to go anywhere, I rather stay at home, but I figure I might as well wear something nice on my nails. 

These are the polishes I used: Elianto Sea Green, a nameless polish with dusty silver glitter I got in Hong Kong, Revlon Galaxy, and an FOF polish with hexagonal blue polish. 

First I put on three coats of the Elianto jelly, which became a dark teal, nearly black. 

Then I added on one coat of the dusty silver nameless glitter polish. (This would be in the two pictures below.)

I like it, it really looks like Essie's Starry Starry Night (from the pics I've seen), but more teal I think. 

I know you can't really see in the photos here, but there is one coat of Revlon Galaxy on top of the polish now, which has blue and copper micro glitter in it, to give the overall polish a subtle depth. (In these two pictures below)

Finally I added on the FOF blue hexagonal glitter. 

Yup the final look! I like it quite a lot, my nails look quite blingy, but with a lot of depth behind it. It's quite nice because the teal shows more around the edges of the nails, near the cuticle and the tip, so it really makes the polish look "deeper" in the middle. I swapped this polish with another blogger, and she blogged about how it looks like the depth of the sea, and she's exactly right! It looks that way and is absolutely gorgeous! The glitter just sort of blings it up and gives it a more deep-sea-creatures-floating feel to it, though I think it might pass for some sort of blue stars in the galaxy too. I'm definitely going to try more combinations with this polish.

New Year's Eve has traditionally been very boring for me, usually I go to church for a service first, then maybe go to a friend's place to hang out. This year I've just been feeling like being on my own a bit more, so maybe I'll just stay at home tonight and do some readings. Haha yes, very sad. But somehow I just kinda want to be on my own tonight. Plus I hate crowds and anyone can imagine the crowds anywhere in Singapore. Marina Bay will be flooded with people, so will all the clubs at Clarke Quay and whatnot, so I'm really much more keen on avoiding people. I haven't driven since my accident and cab fares will double or triple what with the midnight surcharge and the public holiday surcharge so I guess it's good staying at home. Nothing wrong with going out to party, but I've grown up always going for the watchnight service in church then maybe hanging out with friends, so I'm just kinda averse to huge crowds right now.

This 2011 I'm not quite sure what resolutions I have or what I'm looking forward to, I'm hoping to go on exchange to either USA or Europe, pull my grades up, develop better relationships with my friends, and a bunch of other small things, nothing really big. What do you look forward to?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revlon Perplex and Glitter polishes Collection

Today I received a very generous gift, Revlon Perplex and the set of glitter polishes! These aren't available in Singapore, so I was really excited to get them and try them!

I've swatched them here, only finger swatches unfortunately because I don't want to paint all my fingers then remove them which is a sad waste of polish.

So here's Perplex!

It's so shiny even without a top coat!

You can see some of its shimmer here.

Perplex is very unique, it's dusty purple, and there's a complexity to its colour that you don't often see in polishes. I don't know of close it is to Chanel Paradoxal, the original and extremely expensive twin, but from pictures I've seen, it's pretty identical.

Here are the beautiful glitter polishes, they come with a creme or jelly base colour, and the names match! Isn't it adorable?

Rock, Star 

Ruby, Slippers 

Lunar, Galaxy 

Silver, Belle

Here are my swatches:

Ruby, Rock, Lunar and Silver

These are two coats of each colour, Ruby and Lunar, the red and black polishes, are jellies! I seldom see a black jelly so this is unique. Silver is really just a light grey, very gorgeous and a very pure grey, no tinge of purple/blue which we so often see in greys, not dusty either, and not silver either despite its name. I love this grey though, I think I will be wearing it very soon!

And these are the polishes with the glitter top coats!

Glitter top coats: Slipper, Star, Galaxy, Belle

All the glitter top coats have silver holographic hexagonal glitters in them, and little silver glitter. Slipper also has little red glitter in them which really subtly bling up the nail, Star has little purple glitter and Galaxy has little blue and copper glitter, Belle is simply just silver glitter.

I think the star of this collection is Galaxy, I know you can't see it that well, but boy does it really make your nails look like space nails! You know, that space nails trend that I see on a couple of blogs right now. It's really gorgeous, so please get Galaxy if you can. I really don't like dark colours all that much but this is an exception, it is incredible!

Which do you like best?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Christmas manicures

Blessed Christmas again!

I did a second Christmas manicure to wear on the 26th because I'm still celebrating Christmas in church and all that, but it turned out so bad that I didn't take a picture of it. It was a red and green water marble which didn't turn out very nice, topped with two layers of Party Hearty. The water marble didn't turn out nice and bits of the white base could still be seen. Yuck. 

Anyway, I must say I love Party Hearty! I totally need a backup, I've used up about 1/4 of the bottle already this December, and I just want to keep on using it!

I had a Christmas gathering with some friends, and I did my friends' nails. 

This is a strawberry manicure as requested by my friend, who saw my earlier Christmas manicure which ended up looking like strawberries. Some people who saw it thought they were watermelons, some thought that were strawberries, two very strange people thought they were pineapples. Hm. 

And this is another friend's manicure. The base is OPI Jade is the new Black, which she had done professionally, and then I topped it with a layer of Party Hearty which she loved.

Since I don't have a manicure to show you, I'll show you an earlier manicure which I didn't post. This is Sinful Colors, I can't remember the name at the moment, it's a very gorgeous light pink with silver shimmer, required many coats to become opaque, and stamped with CG Millenium.

This is stamped using the BF Beauty plates.

This is stamped with the BM "snowflake", I think it's BM 12. I don't think it's a snowflake even though everyone seems to think so. It really looks more like an old fashioned steering wheel on a boat, like the one in boat from the recent Narnia movie. Ooh a nautical themed manicure would be very fun, I'll try it some time!

So how was your Christmas?????

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blessed Christmas!

I used some of the new polishes I just bought to make my Christmas manicure. First I used the silver holographic glitter polish, then layered the silver-gold-red-green glitter polish on top, it's so pretty and subtle Christmassy!

Look at it up close! Isn't it pretty? Then I stamped on top of it!

I konaded some Christmas images on top! On my fourth finger is the 3 wise men image from the konad s08 plate, I really wanted to use them because there would be no other opportunity to use it throughout the rest of the year. It doesn't really look very much like 3 men on 3 camels/donkeys? The other three fingers are stamped with HB 33. 

I know, you can't really see the stamp on my nail, it looks like a mess. Can you even tell there's a house and teeny weensy Christmas trees? 

It's stamped with Wet n Wild Black, with some China Glaze Wireless Holographic top coat on the black bits to beautify it.

And here's some free hand nail art on my thumb, painted with a black striper from konad, using a rhinestone for the star on the top and some bullion beads that I got from HK.

I know the Christmas tree is a little fat and very lopsided, but I love using the bullion beads, they're so colourful, but I must say the colour shows up better in pictures than in real life, it's quite hard to see the colours on black in real life. It's still colourful and very nicely bumpy on my nail.

Blessed Christmas everyone! I'm going to church for a Christmas lunch, no service because we're having it on Sunday instead, and a Christmas gathering in the evening. How are you celebrating?

Holiday Haul!

Hi! I'm back from Hong Kong, and here's some nail polish that I got there! I'm not too sure why I bought so much Sasatinnie, Eleanor, Suki and other polishes since I can actually buy most of them from Sasa right here in Singapore, but I justified it on not being able to get the exact same colours here. Hm but Sasatinnie is actually cheaper here in Singapore than in HK. I'm crazy. 

From L-R: A silver glitter polish with purple butterflies, a gold and pink polish, a red and silver polish, a pink glitter polish, a blue-grey glitter polish.

I suddenly had a thing for glitter polishes, I got too many!

From L-R: A glitter with silver crescents and moons, a micro silver holographic glitter, a purple and silver glitter, a silver, gold, red and green glitter, and a red hexagonal glitter.

From L-R: A bright purple jelly, a pink-purple creme with silver shimmer, a pink-purple creme, Revlon Red, and a Revlon slightly translucent colour for a french manicure.

From L-R: A Revlon blue-green shimmer, a blue-green jelly, a black with silver shimmer

I bought some mini polishes too, this is their size compared to the regular revlon polishes. The first teeny weeny one is a blue jelly with silver glitter, then a translucent glitter, pink shimmer, copper shimmer, then a pink glitter with silver and gold flakies.

Did you know Revlon made mini polishes???? I saw them in HK but they were more expensive than the regular Revlon ones so I decided to give them a pass. Revlon polishes also cost about SGD4 in HK compared to over SGD10 in Singapore! People in the USA and HK are so lucky, Revlon polishes are just so cheap compared to Singapore! They're usually $12.90 here, and maybe 20% off in some shops.

Some polish basics: Alessandro Pro White- it's supposed to make your nails whiter, I hope it works! A transparent polish, and an Extra Garlic basecoat from Jordana.

I found the German brand Alessandro! I didn't buy any of their regular polishes because they were more expensive and weren't really unique, but I bought this beautiful cracking polish set! I painted my nails with them while there!

I love this black cracking polish, it cracks so well! Unlike the lousy transdesign krack polish which peeled off the moment it cracked. I never thought I'd like this so much, but I do, I can't wait for the next OPI and China Glaze crack polishes next year! The gold polish base is also so so gorgeous!

I bought some bullion beads too, they were cheap! Just SGD2, but note that these are tiny little bottles.

And lastly, some nail art stickers, isn't it so pretty??? I love the Victorian portraits, I will most certainly try them out soon, I hope they're reusuable! 

Anyway it's past midnight here already, so a very blessed Christmas to everyone out there! I hope you have a wonderful day, and remember the true meaning of Christmas! Blessed Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunny Day, Sweepin' the Clouds Away

My first attempt at hand painting my own nails!

Ta-dah! Sesame Street! It is a little indecipherable, I know, but I'm pretty happy it turned out sort of recognizable because it's pretty cool!

It was very challenging painting my right hand since I'm right handed, but I'm glad I didn't screw it up royally.

Colours used

Oscar-thumb: O2 Skin Green polish, Brown acrylic paint, Pink tongue was painted with CG Mum's Chiffon

Cookie Monster- index: Sally Hansen Hip-Hop Frost as a base, then CG Poolside on top

Ernie- middle: Elianto Orange, Red nose and mouth with Color Workshop Red, Pink tongue with CG Mum's Chiffon

Bert- ring: Elianto Yellow, Elianto Orange for the nose

Elmo- pinkie: Color Workshop Red, Elianto Orange

All the white eyeballs were painted with a white nail art pen from Etude House, all the black mouths, pupils, and Ernie's hair were painted with Konad Black two-way nail art pen. 

Oscar kinda looks like Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cookie Monster just looks like a monster. I know it isn't very well done, but on first glance, could you tell it was Sesame Street?

I asked a few kids, they all recognized Elmo first, and they all didn't know Bert and Ernie, I wonder why! Bert and Ernie are adorable! Oscar's my favourite though, I don't know why but my mum told me when I was young I just loved Oscar, I have no idea why I liked the guy in the trash can, but he is quite cute. Who's your favourite Sesame Street character?