Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An attempt at duping OPI Merry Midnight

I tried to dupe OPI Merry Midnight because it was so pretty but I couldn't get it. I think it might be hard for anyone to try and dupe this because the polishes I used are all local and hard to find, depending on which store you visit. 

Anyway this is Sasatinnie FCL 002. It's a purple grape jelly with little red flakes which look great in the bottle but sucked in real life. 

You can see the red flakies a bit better here....

After this layer, I put on some red glitter from Arezia, it's round red glitter with little red bits of glitter. 

I don't think this really looks like OPI Merry Midnight, it doesn't have round red glitter, more flakies, but it's pretty decent and very pretty!

I added a heart on my thumb!

These are the polishes I used- Sasatinnie FCL 002, the Arezia Red Glitter one, and the last polish is where the little red hearts come from.

Pretty red hearts!

I just got these polishes from O2 Skin, so fun! They're having a really cheap sale at the moment at Parkway Parade so I got two bottles, it's only $2.90, the normal price is $7+. Haha that really indicates their cost of production doesn't it? Well I love it when there's a sale on nail polishes!

So what do you think about my poor dupe to OPI Merry Midnight?


  1. I really like purple and red together. I love seeing the bottle pictures, too, since I may never see these brands in real life. Looks like you've got a lot of interesting choices available in your part of the world!