Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas berries and leaves!

I recently did a swap with a MUAer from Australia and she sent me Glitter Gal's Not Another Red which I'm wearing!

It's really more of a dark pink, the holo effect isn't that obvious except in certain lights, but it is nonetheless still a very very lovely colour!

It's a one coater, but I did two coats for some of my fingers because there were a few bald spots, the formula is easy to work with and it's really really pretty!

I got bored with it after several days so I stamped on these Christmassy leaves and berries from the BM plates, I think this is holly, though I'm not sure, someone enlighten me?

It's stamped with CG Hi-Tek, and I love the combination! I think I'll probably try the same stamp with different colours and maybe some nail art next time, it's really so classy for Christmas!


  1. :) Yes that's holly berries.
    This turned out very cute.

  2. woohooo awesome colour indeed ;D wah glitter gal *drools*

  3. this is awesome. love the gold colour.