Monday, December 13, 2010

He's going in circles!

Polish names don't really make sense sometimes. Anyway this is China Glaze's He's Going in Circles, a blue holographic polish. 

It has quite a lovely holo effect, though I'm starting to think that I dislike blues, they don't really go well with my skin. I'm afraid you can't quite see the holo effect fully because I stamped it with snowflakes from this plate I have from BF-beauty which can be purchased here:

Sorry about the bad lighting, I had to angle my thumb so some of the snowflakes could be seen.

I like it, the different snowflakes are very pretty and I love the variety. They stamped pretty well too! I like all these Christmassy designs so you will see many of them coming up!


  1. :) I have this polish and it's amazing!
    What a great stamping plate with so many different snowflakes on it!
    What do you think of the quality of the plate?

  2. Hey Rachel, the plates are of decent quality for their price, definitely not as precise as the konad ones, but I guess you get what you pay for. The images are sometimes a little thick, and their image plates with the very thin lines sometimes don't pick up well. But with a little practice it comes out quite alright.

    Jamie, how come it doesn't work out for you? Anyway it's okay, you're awesome at nail art too!

    Thank you Leslie!

  3. haha thanks :P i dunnoe, the konad polish seems to be scrap-pable from the stamp once i lift it up! weirddddd. :(