Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Haul!

Hi! I'm back from Hong Kong, and here's some nail polish that I got there! I'm not too sure why I bought so much Sasatinnie, Eleanor, Suki and other polishes since I can actually buy most of them from Sasa right here in Singapore, but I justified it on not being able to get the exact same colours here. Hm but Sasatinnie is actually cheaper here in Singapore than in HK. I'm crazy. 

From L-R: A silver glitter polish with purple butterflies, a gold and pink polish, a red and silver polish, a pink glitter polish, a blue-grey glitter polish.

I suddenly had a thing for glitter polishes, I got too many!

From L-R: A glitter with silver crescents and moons, a micro silver holographic glitter, a purple and silver glitter, a silver, gold, red and green glitter, and a red hexagonal glitter.

From L-R: A bright purple jelly, a pink-purple creme with silver shimmer, a pink-purple creme, Revlon Red, and a Revlon slightly translucent colour for a french manicure.

From L-R: A Revlon blue-green shimmer, a blue-green jelly, a black with silver shimmer

I bought some mini polishes too, this is their size compared to the regular revlon polishes. The first teeny weeny one is a blue jelly with silver glitter, then a translucent glitter, pink shimmer, copper shimmer, then a pink glitter with silver and gold flakies.

Did you know Revlon made mini polishes???? I saw them in HK but they were more expensive than the regular Revlon ones so I decided to give them a pass. Revlon polishes also cost about SGD4 in HK compared to over SGD10 in Singapore! People in the USA and HK are so lucky, Revlon polishes are just so cheap compared to Singapore! They're usually $12.90 here, and maybe 20% off in some shops.

Some polish basics: Alessandro Pro White- it's supposed to make your nails whiter, I hope it works! A transparent polish, and an Extra Garlic basecoat from Jordana.

I found the German brand Alessandro! I didn't buy any of their regular polishes because they were more expensive and weren't really unique, but I bought this beautiful cracking polish set! I painted my nails with them while there!

I love this black cracking polish, it cracks so well! Unlike the lousy transdesign krack polish which peeled off the moment it cracked. I never thought I'd like this so much, but I do, I can't wait for the next OPI and China Glaze crack polishes next year! The gold polish base is also so so gorgeous!

I bought some bullion beads too, they were cheap! Just SGD2, but note that these are tiny little bottles.

And lastly, some nail art stickers, isn't it so pretty??? I love the Victorian portraits, I will most certainly try them out soon, I hope they're reusuable! 

Anyway it's past midnight here already, so a very blessed Christmas to everyone out there! I hope you have a wonderful day, and remember the true meaning of Christmas! Blessed Christmas!!!!!


  1. AWESOME HAULLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jealous about the German polishes! hehe :D <3 welcome home n merry xmas!

  2. Thank you babe! Blessed Christmas to you too!!!!!!