Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I frankened a holo!

Recently I hauled some glitter and micas from TKB Trading, and I decided to get their Nite Glow Powder, which is here. I wanted to show you the incredible glowy effect it has, it's really the most glowy thing I've ever seen! I hope to franken it into a nail polish, CG's Glow in the Dark was very disappointingly unglowy. 

Look how it glows! And this wasn't even in full darkness!

Anway I also got some holographic glitter, thinking of frankening my own holo polish. This is the first one I tried (I haven't tried any others, micro glitter is really tiring to work with, it goes everywhere!). 

I added quite a lot of glitter into a half empty bottle of The Face Shop's clear top coat, then added a lot of OPI Lacquer Thinner, 

It looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, but how does it translate on to the nail?

This is my big toe.

I like it, it's pretty holo, but it's the scattered holo kind of effect, not the circle of rainbows kind that we all like so much.

This glitter was a bitch to remove. The WORST ever. Really! I didn't use the foil method, but I put the wet cotton on my nails for at least 5 minutes and held it down, which really didn't help that much. Not to mention the acetone really hurt one of my toes because I got a cut near my cuticle. Careless klutzy me- I rolled my chair over my toe by accident.

I'll probably try again with this holo glitter in a dark coloured polish. It'll be interesting to see if I can franken OPI My Private Jet (unlikely to succeed), but worth a shot right? 

Does anyone know if, when frankening with holo glitter, it's better to franken with a creme or a jelly polish to get the holo to show later? 


  1. GORGEOUS!!! congrats babe!!! psst. let me in on the details of this TKB trading pretty plsss :D :D

  2. :) I want that glow stuff! It looks like it would make one awesome nail polish!
    That franken reminds me of NOX twlight Disco Darling.

    I've heard if you franken with a holographic Sally Hansen Nail prism like diamond or blush diamond you can make a full nail holo.
    I know for a franken recipe of MPJ, you take a bit of black and mix the rest with Sally Hansen Nail Prism Diamond.

    :) Hope that helps!

  3. That powder looks great! I'm amused that it's labeled "for novelty use only"--are there serious uses for glow in the dark powder?

  4. Thanks for the tip Rachel! But I can't ge SH Nail prisms here, I wish we did....

    Karen, I'm not too sure, haha, but from the website it appears to be more for use on infrequent occasions because it's not approved for use around the eyes or mouth by the FDA.