Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Professional Manicures

Hi everyone! While I'm on holiday in Hong Kong right now, I have pictures of some manicures from a holiday in Bangkok last year. I went with some friends, and back then I wasn't into nail polish so I didn't really know much about taking pictures of nails, so do forgive the poor quality. 

Anyway the manicures and pedicures weren't done in a fancy salon or anything, it was done in a little shop, and the manicurist who did mine had pokemon on tv because her son was watching it. Everything you see here is hand painted, isn't it amazing? 

All the manicure shops were in a white building, two storeys high, somewhere near Siam Square, so if you happen to go to Bangkok, you can always go there for some amazing hand painted manicures and pedicures! Don't expect a proper pedicure or manicure though, all they do is just clip your cuticles and paint your nails, no washing even. I think they paint with acrylic paints, using a small tiny brush. It is incredible how they paint, the details are so fine, and they paint really well, even on my toes!

Can you guess which hands and feet are mine? 

Feet first!


Aren't they all so pretty? And everything's genuinely hand painted! I was blown away when I got my manicure back then. Have you ever attempted painting something so intricate before?


  1. These are really good! How much did that cost? :)

  2. wow those are amazing. never seen anything like them.

  3. Hey Rachel, it cost about SGD20, which is probably around USD15.