Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revlon Perplex and Glitter polishes Collection

Today I received a very generous gift, Revlon Perplex and the set of glitter polishes! These aren't available in Singapore, so I was really excited to get them and try them!

I've swatched them here, only finger swatches unfortunately because I don't want to paint all my fingers then remove them which is a sad waste of polish.

So here's Perplex!

It's so shiny even without a top coat!

You can see some of its shimmer here.

Perplex is very unique, it's dusty purple, and there's a complexity to its colour that you don't often see in polishes. I don't know of close it is to Chanel Paradoxal, the original and extremely expensive twin, but from pictures I've seen, it's pretty identical.

Here are the beautiful glitter polishes, they come with a creme or jelly base colour, and the names match! Isn't it adorable?

Rock, Star 

Ruby, Slippers 

Lunar, Galaxy 

Silver, Belle

Here are my swatches:

Ruby, Rock, Lunar and Silver

These are two coats of each colour, Ruby and Lunar, the red and black polishes, are jellies! I seldom see a black jelly so this is unique. Silver is really just a light grey, very gorgeous and a very pure grey, no tinge of purple/blue which we so often see in greys, not dusty either, and not silver either despite its name. I love this grey though, I think I will be wearing it very soon!

And these are the polishes with the glitter top coats!

Glitter top coats: Slipper, Star, Galaxy, Belle

All the glitter top coats have silver holographic hexagonal glitters in them, and little silver glitter. Slipper also has little red glitter in them which really subtly bling up the nail, Star has little purple glitter and Galaxy has little blue and copper glitter, Belle is simply just silver glitter.

I think the star of this collection is Galaxy, I know you can't see it that well, but boy does it really make your nails look like space nails! You know, that space nails trend that I see on a couple of blogs right now. It's really gorgeous, so please get Galaxy if you can. I really don't like dark colours all that much but this is an exception, it is incredible!

Which do you like best?


  1. :) These are very cool! I've picked up a couple of the glitter sets at big lots and they're alright.

  2. Happy New Year babe! ;) have a great night out!!! <3

    p.s love all glitter stuff, maybe u can layer them all together hehe :D