Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Christmas manicures

Blessed Christmas again!

I did a second Christmas manicure to wear on the 26th because I'm still celebrating Christmas in church and all that, but it turned out so bad that I didn't take a picture of it. It was a red and green water marble which didn't turn out very nice, topped with two layers of Party Hearty. The water marble didn't turn out nice and bits of the white base could still be seen. Yuck. 

Anyway, I must say I love Party Hearty! I totally need a backup, I've used up about 1/4 of the bottle already this December, and I just want to keep on using it!

I had a Christmas gathering with some friends, and I did my friends' nails. 

This is a strawberry manicure as requested by my friend, who saw my earlier Christmas manicure which ended up looking like strawberries. Some people who saw it thought they were watermelons, some thought that were strawberries, two very strange people thought they were pineapples. Hm. 

And this is another friend's manicure. The base is OPI Jade is the new Black, which she had done professionally, and then I topped it with a layer of Party Hearty which she loved.

Since I don't have a manicure to show you, I'll show you an earlier manicure which I didn't post. This is Sinful Colors, I can't remember the name at the moment, it's a very gorgeous light pink with silver shimmer, required many coats to become opaque, and stamped with CG Millenium.

This is stamped using the BF Beauty plates.

This is stamped with the BM "snowflake", I think it's BM 12. I don't think it's a snowflake even though everyone seems to think so. It really looks more like an old fashioned steering wheel on a boat, like the one in boat from the recent Narnia movie. Ooh a nautical themed manicure would be very fun, I'll try it some time!

So how was your Christmas?????

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