Monday, January 31, 2011

Animalistic Pink!

This is a hot bright pink with silver shimmer from BB Couture- Love Drunk. A hot, bright, sexy pink which demands to be looked at. 

I won a giveaway recently from Shirley's Nail Art, and I got to choose which image plate I wanted, so I chose this one! I love the tribal inspired design, and how big the design is! This plate is from the XL series, so it's much larger than the regular plate.

I stamped the eye on my middle and fourth finger and free handed the design around it so it'll look like something's peeking out of the African bush!

I like this, very simple and themed, but the pink was a little bright for me after one day. Anyway those of you out there who love to konad, Shirley is coming up with some new stamping plates she designed herself, some with DISNEY CHARACTERS!!!!!! WHOOOO how exciting!

You can also purchase the XL plates from her website, so do check it out. I'm just so excited at the thought of Disney image plates!


  1. I love the stamps, especially the one that looks like a cool!