Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crazy Nail Polishes

Recently I've come across some crazy nail polishes, so today I'm going to show you some of them.

Really? Jizz on my nails? "Hi, I'd like to purchase two bottles of Jizz please." I asked my guy friends what they thought, and they said they could probably make a fortune selling it as nail polish too.

Along those lines would be polishes by NaughtyNailz:

Cummin' 4 U

They also have other polishes like 12 Inch Gang Bang, Nipplebiter, and Lickalottapus. All wonderful names that make me want to buy them up and give them to my mother. Right.

Moving on to something else that doesn't have anything to do with my private parts and its bodily functions, have you ever gotten the feeling that you just don't have enough nails to paint? Well..... here is some nail polish for your pet!

ColorPaw- Glitter Pet Nail Polish in Opal

And if that's not enough, you can make them glow in the dark too!

And since you're going to paint your dog/cat's nails, why not go all the way with some Christmas stickers and rhinestones

Look! You can even free hand some nail art on your poor abused pets too!

And just to show the manufacturers aren't kidding about pampering your pets, here's some nail oil to help  moisturize those dry pet cuticles.

Then to take it all off, there's nail polish remover wipes!

Sigh the world's becoming absurd. My dog will probably just look in dismay at his nails then try to bite them off with his teeth. Then whimper a bit before running off to the neighbour's dogs to share his story of beauty abuse. 

Would you rather buy Jizz or paint your pet's nails?


  1. Haha! I love the pet polish! Though I might be bitten on the nose again if I applied this on my cat=P He's very grumpy. LOL

  2. i love the jizz packaging and i love the idea of pet polish. i did mention this to my bf and he remind me our cat is a boy. =(

  3. LMAO! I think I'd rather paint my dogs nails than buy some Jizz! But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy special pet nail polish. I'd just use some of my polish!

    I tagged you for a blog award! Stop by my blog and check it out!

  4. LOL I have the Jizz nail polish. I think it's all in good fun.

  5. Omg, both are really gross. I don't think mhh pet would want to have their nail polishes, and as for the line with Jizz and all the other naughty names...I just feel like telling them to come up with better colours for their polishes, instead of trying to mask lousy run-of-the-mill colours with racy names. Then they might actually sell something.

  6. Thanks for reading the post ladies. I'm not keen on the idea of pet polish because my dog licks himself like a cat, even his paws so nail polish is not a good idea for him. I'm not keen on jizz though, it's just a "clever" marketing ploy I guess.