Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A gorgeous taupe holo!

Jamie from Squovalicious showed some gorgeous Daiso polishes on her blog, and so I went to get some! I didn't buy much because I didn't like all the colours, but I bought this gorgeous nude/taupe holo! I'm not sure if this colour would be classified as nude or taupe, it's kinda both to me, but it's so pretty!

It's so gorgeously neutral, and the holo can't be seen too clearly here but it's fairly obvious under artificial light. I used a top coat on this, which dulled the effect, but the polish didn't seem to want to dry so I needed to use a fast dry top coat.

I stared at my nails the whole time I was wearing this, it's just so pretty! I wore this during a mock cross examination and examination in chief of witnesses and though I was supposed to listen to the opposing counsel when it was their turn, I just totally kept staring at my nails! I think I came off as a bimbo to my instructors who were teaching us advocacy skills. But look! So pretty!


  1. <3 glad u loved it! i like it too, and its a great swatch u have ;)
    thanks for the comment over there :))

  2. so pretty! i have never heard of this brand before.