Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holographic Blue!

This gorgeous polish is Marine Blue from Glitter Gal, one which I was very fortunate to get in a swap. 

It's supposed to be holographic, the pictures don't show it that well because this is under artificial light and I put a top coat on, but the effect is GORGEOUS. The top coat really dulled this holo, though the holo can still be seen.

I love the vibrant blue, very bright and eye-catching, really pretty!

And since it was the perfect blue for the sea, I sponged on some China Glaze He's Turning in Circles,  and stamped on some sea creatures.

Aren't they adorable? The sea creatures are from m27 and some bf-beauty plates.

I'm so excited, I've got at least 2 dive trips coming up soon, and I can't wait to breathe in compressed air! Not kidding, compressed air has a really nice flavour to it, but yeah I'm kind of weird. I can't wait to see these sea creatures in real life!

Anyway I have a question for all of you with pretty long nails out there- do long nails hinder your typing? I feel like my nails make me type slower, even though they're really not that long yet. I also want to know this before I let them grow out anymore.


  1. it does initially but i got used to it and it hurts less :) but i tend to cut mine down shorter every week or so, cuz it does get too long to be comfortable, personally :))
    Gorgeous colour there and IM ENVIOUS OF YOUR STAMPING SKILLZZZZ ;)

  2. Thanks Jamie! I think I'm not cut out for long nails. Still trying to love them, but I just get irrationally annoyed so often! Anyway why don't you try stamping? Don't give up, give it a few shots and maybe don't use the konad polish first, I still find them very thick and hard to work with.