Saturday, January 22, 2011

Neon Rainbows and some Shattering!

Let me start by saying that this is the brightest, neon-est, crazy eye-searing design I've ever done! I could barely look at my nails for more than 3 seconds, and it was so bright it pissed my boyfriend off to no end. And me as well. I got pretty mad at my nails halfway through the first day. 

This was painted with a white base from Sylvie, a cheapie local brand, I used the polish because it's thickened so I only needed to do one coat. The rest of the colours are from the China Glaze Poolside collection- (in order): Towel Boy Toy, Kiwi-coolada, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sun Worshipper, Flip Flop Fantasy and Pink Voltage. 

I left the tips white so the pink wouldn't inordinately large. I did this mani in really dim, orange light so I couldn't gauge the width of some colours (like yellow) and that's why my eyes didn't burn out earlier. 

After I got home that night I realized I had a neon purple, Color Club Mrs Robinsons which could turn this into a full rainbow! It looked so much nicer!

But still way too bright so after admiring it....

I decided to put on a shatter top coat! Here is the black shatter top coat I bought in Hong Kong by Alessandro. It's a tiny 5ml bottle, and much of it has hardened already since it dries so fast.

This is what shatter looks like if you put it on horizontally instead.

It certainly dulled down the mani quite a bit, and I survived another day with it before taking it off.

I've never gotten SO many comments on my manicure! I think because it's so bright and just catches attention. But my bf hated it. He complained it was way too bright and he hated looking at my hands anytime I was near him. 

I was fooled by all the colours from the computer screen regarding these neon colours from the Poolside Collection. They looked fairly normal and pretty, so I bought the whole collection. If any of you think the colours look nice and pretty, DON'T! Look at something big and neon, like a neon green or yellow, for at least 3 minutes and when your eyes are going crazy, remember that you do not want to buy super neon polishes. What you see on the screen is incredibly tame compared to real life, REALLY! Just a minute of looking at my nails made green spots hover in front of my eyes for the next few minutes. 

I think I'll be into really dull, pale colours for the next few days. My eyes are still going mad even after taking this mani off. 

Do you like neons? Do your eyes burn like mine do? 


  1. That's what I mean with a colourfull mani! :D Love it with the crackling topcoat on it, it's looking very good!

  2. I LOVE IT! lol. i think painting it over white made the neon pop! and POP it did!

  3. Haha thank you so much ladies!