Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Purple Flowers

I bought Color Club Fashion Addict because I saw photos on blogs of its awesome holo-ness. This polish I bought from Transdesign let me down and disgusted me. THERE'S NO HOLO! 

A faint holo sparkle appears under artificial light, but that's it! I'm so disappointed. That being said, it's a plain old ordinary light purple colour with some shimmer, and that's it. 

I hated its plainess and lack of holoness so I decided to konad some purple clouds on top! This is stamped with Color Club Wild at Heart (I suspect this one has no holo too) using m79.

It made for a very interesting design and I wanted to keep this on for a long long time, unfortunately I had a formal event and had to remove it after 2 days.

Anyone bought Color Club holo polishes and received a dud?


  1. loved the clouds image, but i cant konad HAHAH :D

  2. ME!!!!

    Look at my lame Wild At Heart swatch! Pissed off as hell. Mine came from 8ty8 though. Scrangie's one is like 1000x more holo.


  3. Supposedly they changed the formulas for the Color Club Holographics. :(
    I bought Revvvolution and Worth the Risque with the hopes of getting two of my first holographics and the effect is very, very subtle. It's more obvious in Worth the Risque, but still... only when I use it as a base colour and not on stamping.

  4. Jamie, give it another chance! It's really fun!

    NAPB, I got mine from 8ty8 too! I think CC made different versions. I think the super holo ones are the original polishes.

    BelleJoie, I feel your disappointment. I was to excited to get these and there's barely any holo effect even as a base colour! That's why I decided to just stamp it.