Thursday, January 27, 2011

A simple French Manicure and some Perplexing!

Here's a simple french manicure I did. The base is one coat of Jordana's Extra Garlic Base Coat, which by the way smells like a skunk and not garlic. Then two coats of Del Sol Peek-A-Boo, which I wanted to use so that the base would turn pink in sunlight. 

The white tips were done using tape from Etude House, and this really thick Sylvie polish. It's uneven because the polish was so thick and lumpy, but overall I think it turned out pretty nice!

And this is Revlon Perplex! The Chanel dupe that most girls in the USA seem to be looking for. I don't like it! I know I said I liked it when I first swatched it, but I hate it now! It is a pretty dusty purple colour, but it bubbles! So much! So many bubbles! Then I couldn't see the shimmer in it that everyone keeps raving about.

*Stamps feet*. Don't like.

Do you like Perplex? Why or why not?


  1. I like it Perplex! I love the color, its so unique and I like dusty purples =)I'm closely watching Revlon polishes here, I'm hoping that it will appear on their shelves.

  2. hmmmm maybe wait in between coats while applying? or put in your fridge? lol... give Perplex a try again? or maybe it does live up to its name LOL

  3. How strange? Maybe you got a funny batch of Perplex. Mine doesn't bubble at all!

  4. why is there garlic in the base coat? is it good for the nails?

    i think i like perplex? I don't own it but everyone says its so good so I kinda want it..but i'm not sure if I would wear it

  5. Camille, Jamie, I think I'll probably give it a shot again. Maybe it bubbled because I had the fan going, but not directly at me.

    Rachel, hmmm maybe it is a funny batch but maybe it's the wind from the fan in the background? I don't know.... does wind actually affect bubbling?

    Shortwidenails, I think garlic's supposed to be good for the nails, I've seen other kinds of nail treatments with garlic in them, but they don't smell garlicky at all! Mine isn't 3-free so maybe that's why it stinks like crazy, but not garlicky.

  6. I like the revlon colour very pretty a shame you don't like it