Friday, January 14, 2011


I've been tagged by Jamie from Squovalicious, a fellow Singaporean nail blogger. So here are the questions she asked me!

1) What is your favourite bath product and why?
My loofah- it foams up and makes awesome bubbles! I'm not so much concerned with exfoliation but the bubbles are really foamy! It makes all bath products foam up and I have fun playing with the foam. 

2) If you could choose to be a celebrity for a day, who do you wanna be? why?
If I could be a celebrity for a day I'd pick Angelina Jolie. Not because she constantly adopts African orphans, but because she can open doors to places in Africa that I'd love to visit and do something about. Assuming I have her wealth as well, I'd set up some kind of institution that helps HIV positive people and try to alleviate poverty. 

3) Meteor showers or nice, long shower?
Meteor shower. I haven't seen one before, but I take at least a shower a day so there's not much to be missed there. 

4) Most hated word/slang?
"Haps". It means happening. I don't understand the propensity for shortening words to incomprehensible gibberish that makes them sound like someone gasping for air. 

5) Exams or essays? 
Essay! I like doing research, I hate writing and thinking how to phrase something, but I've got at least a couple of weeks to do it. Exams drive me nuts. I've never been able to calmly deal with an exam, I get all panicked and crazy starting from the night before, haha but usually from lack of preparation. 

6) Who is one person you most want to do a manicure on?
I'd love to do a manicure on Michelle Obama, I think we'll have an interesting conversation. She's so cool for being a President's wife. She does so much, like community outreaches and really interacting with people. Laura Bush didn't seem to do as much when her husband was President. 

7) One place you wished you never left?
Cape Town, South Africa. Best holiday of my life, gorgeous scenery, perfect weather, and they have penguins on beaches! I wish I got to dive with the great white sharks though, I was 14 and my parents refused the idea immediately. You get to swim in a cage then you see great white sharks swim around you, awesome!

8) Favourite cake?
All cakes! But I really like chocolate cake!

9) Which would you rather spend on - a dupe for your favouritest shade (discontinued) or the shade on top of your lemming list? (only have enough $ for one)
Probably a shade that I really want. I rather have a variety of polishes then a few of the same. 

10) Which is your all-time favourite song?
I don't really have a favourite song, I tend to listen to a lot of Latin music and Christian music, but never Latin Christian music, sometimes country music, and classical music when I'm trying to make myself study. But one song that I sing very often to annoy people is the Banana King song from Charlie the Unicorn! Have you watched it? It's hilarious!

I've also been tagged by Silence is Loud

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I'm tagging:

Thank you everyone who's been reading my blog, I know it's not very interesting, I don't have much interesting polishes to show that are also accessible, but I enjoy playing with my polishes and messing around with some nail art, and though sometimes it screws up, I do learn from it, and I'm grateful for all the friends that I've made through this. I hope you all have had a good week, it's nearly the weekend so that's a wonderful reprieve. Have a great day ahead!


  1. Ah, so sweet of you!! It might take a while, but I will post this award. Thank you!

  2. :)) love reading ur answers babe! :)) <3

  3. You're welcome Miranda!

    Thanks Jamie! I loved reading your answers too!

  4. Thanks for the tag, Cheryl :) I loved reading your answers. I just posted my answers to your questions!