Monday, February 21, 2011

Cupcake Mani & Born Pretty Store Review

Hi everyone! I have something exciting I did that I can't wait to show all of you. This is my cupcake mani, decorated with half pearls generous sent to me by Jessica from the Born Pretty Store to review!

I've been seeing a lot of cupcake manis on MUA lately, so I thought I'd like to try it out myself. Usually they have some kind of glittery background, and then the cupcakes, sometimes chocolates, sometimes just plain vanilla, and decorated with many pretty blingy rhinestones/bullions and such. 

I decided to cut out the background and just do the entire cupcake on my nails! The drawback is that I can't put a cherry on top of it anymore, but it's still very pretty anyway!

I used all of the polishes below, the lighter colours being the base, and the darker ones for the stripes. I didn't even have to use a striper brush to make the stripes! Just make sure there's very little polish on your brush and then just swipe the brush sideways on your nails to make the thin lines.

And these are the half pearls I used for decorating the cupcakes! They come in a nice variety of colours, and I was really happy I managed to find matching colours for all of my cupcakes, and they're really easy to use. Just like how I would apply rhinestones- top coat on nail, dab a little top coat on a toothpick, pick up the pear and just place it on the nail, then seal it completely with a top coat.

If you want to get these half-pearls, you can find them on the Born Pretty Store website. Born Pretty Store also has a variety of other nail decorating items and I'm going to be showing you a few more of their items in the next few posts!

I'm not too sure they really look like cupcakes or just plain decorated assorted items for eating, but they were definitely very cheery and made me very happy each time I looked at it. I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed doing them!


  1. omg this is adorable!


  2. Soo cute! I love the half pearls, they look like little sprinkles :)