Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glitter Gal Blush

This is supposedly a beautiful holographic polish which I got in a swap a while back, but I don't see the holo! It's definitely there, but very very subtle.

The formula got thicker as I used it, and it didn't want to dry so I had to use a top coat on it, which obviously further ruined the holo. But nevertheless it's still a very beautiful shimmery pink which I like.

Then I decided to konad on top of it with m73 using Glitter Gal Red, so it's really subtle.

Very gorgeous, if I may say so. I love subtle effects, it's like a little secret I have to myself which other people don't see.


  1. I love it! Do you remember the name of the polish at all?

  2. Oh I'm sorry! I forgot to insert the name of the polish. The light pink is Glitter Gal Blush, stamped with Glitter Gal Red!