Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Essence Haul

Jamie from Squovalicious posted a few days back on her blog about finding Essence polishes, including the magnetics ones, in Singapore, so of course I had to get some. I dashed off as soon as I could, which was earlier this week, to get some, and already I was a little late. 

I managed to score 3 out of 4 of the metallics series (magnetic polishes)- Iron Goddess, Steel Me and Copper Rulez. I really wish I had gotten Nothing Else Metals because I really like the colour more than the others! But I guess that's why it was sold out. I also got Be Trendy, Choose Me, and You're the One. 

When I got there, already one of the Colour & Go polishes were completely sold out, I don't know which one, and I got the last bottles of Steel Me and Iron Goddess. There was also one magnet left, but I decided to save money and use one of my magnets at home. 

I've been wanting Choose Me (or any of its dupes) for ages! And when I was there, they pasted price tags over the names of the polishes so I couldn't see any of them, and I was so sad because I didn't really know what Choose Me looked like in real life. It looked much lighter and genuinely glass-flecked in pictures online. I thought it might have been the row of polishes that were already sold out. But anyway I figured that the turquoise and gold glitter polish looked fairly nice, so I decided to get it, and upon returning home and scrutinizing the bottle, I was elated to find out that I did in fact, buy Choose Me! Yay!

I got home in the evening and was awfully excited to try them so I tried them out with various magnets on a disposable spoon. In order from left to right, its Iron Goddess, Steel Me and Copper Rulez, then Choose Me, You're the One and Be Trendy.

So here is my mani with Copper Rulez. It's really not green, it's very copper-orange, and it's done with my own fridge magnets.

My left hand turned out worse than my right hand, it was harder to control the magnet and not bump it into my wet nail.

The magnetic designs are clearer here on my right hand, though not the best. Even though I used a bendable magnet, it was very difficult to put my nail so close to the magnet and not bump it.

If you can get the magnetic polishes, I suggest using a home magnet, but get a powerful one. Mine wasn't that great so I needed to put my finger up close against the magnet, and bumped it many times. I had to re-do 5 nails because I just kept bumping them! So annoying!

While these magnetic polishes were definitely fun for their novelty value, the novelty wore off fast with the constant bumping and smudging, so be real careful when you use them, and pick a strong magnet. I saw on this blog an attempt to use buckyballs to create the magnetic design and it came out really nice and unique, so I'm going to borrow a buckyball from my friend and try it myself too! I'm also going to look for a star magnet to make the elusive star magnetic designs. All my refrigerator magnets are stripes so that's a little boring.

Have you tried any magnetic polishes? Did you like it?


  1. nice haul!!! :D im so lazy to post mine up! btw they just restocked the items on Tuesday! I asked the SA ;) hehe GO GO GO! i went back to grab one more polish for a swap and 3 other makeup items :D SCORE!

  2. AHHHHHH! I went on Tuesday morning! The SA said he didn't know of any new stock! Maybe it's too late now. =(