Friday, March 25, 2011

Del Sol Prima Donna

This is one of the Del Sols I picked up on sale, at just SGD9.90! It's a beautiful jelly pink, never expected that it would be a jelly, it was pretty opaque in the bottle. It changes from a pink to purple, and it's pretty obvious. I love both pink and purple so of course I was a sucker for this! 

I put this on two weeks ago, and I'm still wearing it! I love how it changes in the sun and how it looks so squishy! 

Without sun, on the balcony

With sun

With sun on the left, without sun on the right

Indoors, without sun

Indoors, with sun (I pulled my foot in after sunning it and took a very quick shot! I only put my foot in the sun for 5 minutes, and I think I got sunburn on this foot, it turned red and itchy after that! Crazy Singapore sun.)

Without sun on left, with sun on right

As you can see, the colour change is very distinct, and I love how absolutely squishy it looks!

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