Thursday, March 17, 2011

French Manicure!

Hi everyone! One thing I dislike about french manicures is that if you use a sheer base colour, more often than not it reveals the ugly staining below. So for this french manicure, I used an opaque base coat then painted the tips.

Here is Color Club Bashful as the base- a beautiful, pastel pink.

The tips were free handed using a french tip polish from Etude House. It's in a tiny bottle with a tiny brush, very short and narrow so that you can just paint on the french tip. Definitely not as narrow as a striper though. Then to disguise the uneven lines I painted some silver glitter lines!

I like this french manicure, it was very pretty, very demure, okay so are all french manicures. But I really liked this.

Anyway it was my birthday two days ago, and while I'm really eager to show you my pretty princessy Birthday mani and tell your about my awesome dinner, school and group work is just killing me right now, I can't even find the time to upload pictures to Flickr and all that.

I also haven't been changing my mani often, so I'm afraid I really can't update my blog very much. But thank you anyway, to all those who read it regularly. I love you ladies!

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